kool aid

I admit it. I was one of those cats that drunk the Kool-Aid. Red was my favorite flavor.

So now drinking the Kool-Aid has a different conotation. To me it means whether or not I choose to believe the information that mainstream media tells me is important to believe. I am not sure how I became connected to the Viacom-glomerate that controls popular culture with an iron fist. Entertainment has become news as politics have become entertainment. I hate to think that someone at MTV controls my life so much because they probably got their job on a family plan hookup. These are dangerous and curious times in our nation. We are guided by people that have little respect for knowledge. I suppose we could just keep drinking the Kool-Aid for the comfort that sugar gives our neurological system, or we could pour the Kool-Aid onto the ground and decide that we are ready to take back our minds and our lives.


PAUL WALL drinks the Kool-Aid. VH-1 sent me an e-mail that they are making a documentary about blood diamonds and Hip-Hop’s connection to the civil war in Sierra Leone. The film won’t be aired until early 2007 so I guess that gives me enough time to get my grills out of lay-a-way. Sorry MTVH-1, but you are about 1 day late and 1 millions lives short. I don’t believe you, you need more people. It’s disingenuous and borderline evil to insinuate that the civil war in Sierra Leone was caused by Hip-Hop cultures love for diamonds. The diamond trade didn’t begin with rap music and it will continue long after rap has gone the way of blues and jazz. If you really want to do something for the people you should create a documentary describing how supremacy keeps people in check. Use FLAVOR FLAV as the host of that show.

PAUL WALL and NIKKI ‘HOOPZ’ ALEXANDER are the most requested names for people that google this site. I consider quitting this blog shit everytime I review my stats.

There has been a recent spate of incarcerated felons having their convictions overturned due to the fact that they were innocent. In some cases the prosecutors withheld evidence or used faulty DNA samples or in most cases just locked up a nigger because of the convenience. The return of these people to their families is fucking up the economy. There are already enough young Black males in their teens and twenties that are unemployable. What the fuck are we going to do with a grizzled Black male in his forties or fifties?!? If you have spent more than twenty years in jail for a crime that you didn’t commit you should have to stay there until you die. It’s not the president’s fault that you got locked up and he shouldn’t have to help you and your family put your lives back together.

The President doesn’t lack a credibility problem because he’s rich. If he were a poor man then he would have to be a man of his word, but as a multi-billionaire he doesn’t have to do a damn thing. Tapping people’s phone calls, opening up personal bank records, publicly disclosing confidential information and lying about WMD’s are all good when you have more money than GOD.

JAY-Z and BeYONCE will finally announce their break up with the release of BeYONCE’s second single, ‘Why You Treat Me So Bad’.

Note to self: Cancel vacation plans to Jerusalem

I am a beast when I’m drunk, but could you imagine trying to corral a drunken JACKIE CHAN? That motherfucker can climb walls like Spiderman.

Rest easy jig readers, your voting franchise will be renewed for another 25 years. Although, since you haven’t voted once as yet I don’t see why you should even care. Just keep on enjoying the Kool-Aid.

kool aid

13 Responses to “I DID DRINK THE KOOL-AID!”

  1. quantelo says:

    nice social commentary

  2. Gee says:

    “PAUL WALL drinks the Kool-Aid. VH-1 sent me an e-mail that they are making a documentary about blood diamonds and Hip-Hop’s connection to the civil war in Sierra Leone.”
    I saw a special on 60Minutes a couple of years ago that documented the fact that the rebel factions were cutting off the hands of infants and women so that they could not be recruited to raise arms against them. This was singlehandedly, without a doubt enough to make me sell every diamond I owned and refuse to purchase anything even directly related to them. The biggest shocker that came out of my enlightenment was that the DeBeers family was holding almost 90% of the worlds diamond supply in a warehouse in London.

  3. LM says:

    Kool-Aid is bad news. But I sure did love drinking it when I was a kid. On who Googles you most: seriously, you know you’ll have “arrived” when other bloggers and mainstream media pick up on some of your satire as sincerely meant. (I know you’re already here, or there, or wherever you are when you’ve arrived.)

    We need to see some outrage over comments like, “The return of these people to their families is fucking up the economy… If you have spent more than twenty years in jail for a crime that you didn’t commit you should have to stay there until you die.”

    Let me get this started: “I am outraged. And furthermore, this site has much too much of Paul Wall and Nikki (Hoopz) Alexander.”

    Seriously, fellow readers. Dallas Penn, Billy Sunday, Blu Cheez, Chocolate Snowflake, the Intern, et al. get more ridiculous with their output with each passing day. We owe them the same.

  4. Amadeo says:

    In the age of lawsuits for a living I wonder why someone isn’t out there getting people dough for being imprisoned for decades when they were innocent. Hell I dude is suing Jordan for 832 mil. cause of the trouble “looking” like him has caused. I saw a suit where a family sued their neighbors for a mil. for running over their dog. Then bush can look down on them cause they’re “new money”.

  5. 911 says:

    C’mon LM you don’t sense a hint of sarcasm….none the less….If you fcukers don’t vote why complain?….I ask my friends that all the fcuking time….DRINK UP.

  6. LM says:

    911, re-read my previous, dense as it may be. I’m with you.

  7. the_dallas says:


    911 is a good dude. He is holding my sack for me. Don’t get it brokeback neither, I am talking ’bout my weedsack full of that purple purple.

    If you aint peep 911 site yet you haven’t seen the Barry Sanders YouTube retrospective he posted.

  8. the_dallas says:

    btw, E.S. > B.S. > O.J.S. > J.B. > W.P.

    The Juice gets to skip Jim Brown because he did Kill White Tee.

  9. LM says:

    J.B., W.P., B.S., E.S., M.F., O.J.S. I know he was great at cutbacks, but still. And I thought hard about putting E.D. above him too.

  10. P-Matik says:

    Yo Dallas, holla at ya boy. I was on 125th today looking to cop those 4th of July Uptowns. One cat didnt have my size and everyone else said they only come in women’s. Can you help a brotha out????

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