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I work with this brother during the day and I could tell he was not just a regular cat. His swag was definitely on some original individual shit. Young boys like him usually wear Air Jordans and not adidas. I figured he was one of those Black nerd dudes listening to some Radiohead and schtooping that snowflake poonanny. Hey, that’s what I’d do.

A few months ago I asked him what he had planned for his weekend and he told me he was going to be performing at a spot downtown called Pianos. “Oh shit, I fux with Piano’s my nig”, I told him trying to sound like I was cool too. He told me to come thru, and I swear I would have if I wasn’t busy that night chasing around drugs like a shermhead.

I bet Damien’s show was filled in the audience with all the fly chicks I see him macking at the dayjob. I suppose it’s just as well I didn’t fall thru. These chicks don’t even wanna let an old fat nigga like me sniff they bloomeristicks. I might should just stay in my home on Fridays, fuxing with the internets, and getting high.


Damien Richards – ‘Stay High’

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  1. MotherGaston("L.H.")Martin says:

    I thought this might be a tribute to legendary Bronx graffiti writer Stay High 149 but if it’s not Prince, it’s still nice and Prince ain’t been himself in the studio for a long while either.

    Maybe a collab with Game Rebellion in the future?

    DC 37 got soul!

  2. the_dallas says:

    I was definitely thinking about getting Damien together with Game (Rebellion)

  3. bboy cult says:


    very true. but have you heard Prince’s live work? he is becoming a legendary MUSICIAN, as opposed to the showman he’s known as. look at his performance on the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame’s salute to George Harrison. it’s on you tube. many writers are already calling it one of the best guitar solo’s of all time.

    what’s wrong with Radiohead? i’m no nerd! (altho i have grown to embrace my geekdom…)


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