Mugshot Hairstyle Models…


These three teenage meatsticks went on a beer heist and bumbled the fux outta that shit on some epic fail movie shit.

One dude got caught at the scene, another dude ran thru a car wash and came out mad soapy, while one of them left his wallet behind at the scene. Where in America they do this dumb shit?


These douchemasters are all from Covina in southern California so their beer of choice is the Mexcian-made Tecate.

How much you wanna bet at least one of these hypebeasts was rocking a pair of SB Dunk Hi ‘Tecate’?


4 Responses to “Mugshot Hairstyle Models…”

  1. khal says:

    ive never seen anyone actually sippin on tecate. i only know of tecate from michael buffer and boxing matches.

    niggas leaving wallets at crime scenes is subliminal guilt.

  2. Mark Dub says:

    That isht is HILARIOUS, DP. I can just hear, “So what are you in for?” “Stealing Tecate.” “Bend over”.

  3. NotTheOne002 says:

    i live not to far from covina. covina is where the yuppies live. that is, the minorites trying to gentrify white neighborhoods and try to act white themselves. my money on them taking that tecate was because it was a 30 pack. fuck going back twice for another 18 pack.

  4. NotTheOne002 says:

    btw that market they stole the beer from, has some of the best salsa in all of l.a. its pretty much a bodega supermarket. instead of being on the corner, they are the block.

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