All Day I Dream About Sneakers…


Right after Rod Laver the three stripes conscripted a Romanian tennis superstar to host their signature tennis shoes. Ilie Nastase was nicknamed the Romanian Rocket for his all-out cross court baseline to net style of play.

I had my whole U.S. Open outfit plotted out but I never got the call for a free set of tickets. The Nastase’s will stay crispy for another year I supoose, unless I get tickets to the Australian Open. LOL.


7 Responses to “All Day I Dream About Sneakers…”

  1. Supreme says:

    Why not rock the green & white Rod Lavers with that piece D.P.?

  2. the_dallas says:

    The whole ‘fit was mostly black and white, plus the Laver green is more kelly while that knit is hard pine

  3. twerkolator says:

    holy trefoil DP! them shits is super-RETARDED, b!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Premium Pete says:


  5. Smear says:

    lol @ “Djokovic is def Croatian with a name like Djokovic” – Now that right there is a statement that might just get you kilt (or at least clubbed) at the Australian Open – Novak is Serbian and tho they were once all Yugoslavia (i think?)…. the Croats and the serbs HATE each other… like really. Just check the Australian open’s resume for rioting/fights (Melbourne, like perth has a huge Croat/Serb contingent) they will headbutt you for wrong colours (shout out to the crazy Serb I befriended that then tried to fight everyone at my good mate Kucan’s party at the bloody CROATIAN CLUB! LOL….dude was fuckin psycho)

  6. illill says:

    that lo tennis is sick

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