The Children Of OutKast…

spree wilson

I love talking shit about OutKast not being the greatest rap duo of all time, but at the end of the day you can see their DNA on all of your favorite popular music rap acts of today. Drake, Cudi, B.o.B. and the Weeknd are all the children of OutKast (particularly 3000). I have to add another name to that list – Spree Wilson.

Spree is also from Atlanta by way of Memphis and he has that laid back Tennessee blues vibe to his sound. But it is from the godhead of Andre 3K where I can see the influence evolution of Spree Wilson. The rhythm and movement is definitely that 2015 Marty McFly Back 2 The Future Dungeon Family flow.

I’m going to post a few of my favorite songs from his album ‘The Never Ending Now‘ but I suggest you click the link and download the complete album for yourself. Music should make you feel good for just being yourself. That is the shit what Spree Wilson is on and I fux with that.

‘Where Do We Go Tonight’ (produced by No I.D.)

‘Transition’ (featuring Novel)

‘Don’t Pass Me By’ (featuring Esthero)


3 Responses to “The Children Of OutKast…”

  1. BIGNAT says:

    i enjoyed the project i linked the link on facebook other people need to check this guy out

  2. PurpleKushY says:

    good looks Dallas, keep us posted on all that new craaaack muzik

  3. CofO my ass says:

    shit sucked

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