MEXICO Legalizes, But Will T.K.C. Advertise?

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I haven’t been on the web in a minute so I feel a little disconnected from my friends, albeit I haven’t actually met any of you, I feel like we still congregate in the same places.

Did anyone peep the newsreel about Mexico and their plan to legalize small amounts of narotics? This is some ultra-progrssive legislation because they are removing the criminal stigma that gets attached to casual users and addicts alike. I always felt like arresting an addict was an insult placed upon an injury.

We spend so much money here in the states building prisons it forces us to make more criminals. Mexico is moving in the opposite direction with their war on drugs. It’s a move that some critics say creates more addicts but I disagree with that. Availability of narcotics doesn’t create addicts. The unavailability of oppurtunity to secure wealth, yet the constant advertising of the rewards of wealth is what creates addicts. The recognizable disparity between the people that have and the people that have not is where addiction is borne. I like Mexico’s stance on this issue and I will try to see if there are any noticable results in the near future.

I really enjoy the irony that lard ass loudmouth RUSH LIMBAUGH can now illegally immigrate to Mexico to get his Ocycontin fix right.

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7 Responses to “MEXICO Legalizes, But Will T.K.C. Advertise?”

  1. eskay says:

    *moves to Mexico*

  2. Tony says:

    Damn, no joke . . . I’m making my vacation plans. Pronto. And damn if that pic isn’t my spitting image on trash day!

  3. Tony says:

    Damn, in the end Rush was ethered by his Latina maid. I guess nobody translated the stop snitching memo for her. And they say there is no such thing as karma. Still, I wonder if you get your hearing back after losing it to oxy? I hope so.

  4. […] Rush Limbaugh getting locked up is a good thing, even if they did let him just buy his way out of trouble. He might want to consider a move to Mexico. […]

  5. MrFan says:

    “Vamanos, amigos.”

  6. blackrob says:

    *follows eskay*

  7. Front says:

    What the fuck does this mean? Personal use is cool but the commerce is wrong? How would this help America, the same people would be put away for intent to sale.

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