JEAN GREY Was My First Love

jean grey

Fuck what y’all think because JEAN GREY was so fucking hot. Superheroes are either dressed like flamboyant fags or high end prostitutes and JEAN GREY was the hottest bitch on the strip. Actually. the artist that made her so beautiful to me secretly has a thing for Black women. I mean, do you see this chicks body?!? Only Black girls have tops like that without surgery. But nonetheless the character was a Scottish white girl, and you can’t get much whiter than that. JEAN GREY was smart and oh so powerful. The ‘X-Men’ was a progressive comicbook in that the characters that wielded some of the greatest power were women(yeah, don’t get your supremacy twisted, old white men were the strongest of all). JEAN GREY’s boyfriend was the team’s leader Cyclops.


They were an alright couple, but not as kick azz as I would have been with her. JEAN GREY was a free spirit though and those are the most difficult hoes that you can try to convert into housewives. That is why JEAN GREY was so easily turned out by this pimp called Mastermind.


Mastermind turned her out and she joined his bad guy group called the Hellfire Club. He fucked her head up so good that she became this evil prostitute called the Black Queen. As if that wasn’t enough she was out of control with her powers and winded up killing a whole planet of motherfuckers with her cosmic clap.

dark phoenix

The X-men tried to save her universally out of pocket azz, but it was obvious that she had contracted some kind of comicbook AIDS virus and she had to die before she infected any other characters.

phoenix saga

In the end she committed suicide. I cried. Just as an aside…


I was at a party for this dude named MARK RONSON and FAMKE JANSSEN was up in there hanging out. I kicked it with her real quick and told her that I thought she was one of the dead on casting choices that made the X-Men movies so dope. She is supermodel tall and as pretty in person as she is on the screen. After I tried to stick my tongue in her mouth is when the security escorted me out of the party.

11 Responses to “JEAN GREY Was My First Love”

  1. Marvel flipped her story more times than a new Sidekick II.

    I cant keep up.

  2. Amadeo says:

    Jean Grey makes Wonder Woman look like a crippled lesbian…there I said it.

  3. Combat Jack says:

    The Phoenix jernt was mos def classic material, however, I almost shed more tears on behalf of Elektra, she was that bitch!!! Plus, Miller’s was more graphic as Byrne’s cosmic saga was a a bit of a stretch for this homey from BK. Much respected though. Yo, I remember around the the time of the above mentioned saga, I had the opportunity to check out a lecture at NYU hosted by Jim Shooter (then head editor at Marvel). He mentioned that Byrne was in the process of turning Ororo Munroe into a rug munching lesbo dyke who fancied that Morlock chick boss. Man I’m so glad Byrne ran outta steam before he could eff that one up.

  4. I agree Jean Grey was tha shit. Even tho I grew up amongst psychopaths and crimminal deviants, I embraced tha X-Men fully. Tha entire Dark Pheonix Saga was an emotianal roller coaster for a little Nigga like Young BossMack TopSoil. I think I shed a tear that bitch got killed.

  5. Sangano says:

    i sucked on her titties…it was a blast!

  6. Combat Jack says:

    My first love was Leiko Wu, the chick that Shang Chi, the Master Of Kung Fu was digging, especially when drawn by Paul Gulacy. Man, she had me humping pillows (no homo).

  7. the_dallas says:

    I know you didn’t cry TopSoil, that was just dust in your eye.

    Damn CombatJack, you just blew my mind on that jewel about Storm. And here it is I thought that Byrne had a taste for the brown meat.

    It’s all about Mexico this week here in NYC, so we will kick it later on the X-Men tip.

  8. ukfayouya says:

    dude – that black chick shit aboiut nice tits is only true if your talking about teen agers but the facts are that after 21 yrs old most black womens tities hang lower than while ladies- so get it right – jean grey got some teen age titites – you pig headed racist !!!! hahahahahaha

  9. The Phoenix says:

    Dallas…I have MADD love for you! You’re my brother from another mother!! Thanks for havin my back! Your continued support means the world!!

    One love…

  10. Zenobia says:

    I loved the fight with Storm and the White Queen. I also thought Jean Grey was one of the best women in the Marvel Universe and one of my favorite scenes in the Dark Phoenix saga was when Jean destroyed that planet and when she went to visit her parents. Do you like the current transformation of her character? Should she be with Wolverine or Cyclops?

  11. JEAN GREY Was My First Love

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