Rest In Peaceful Jouney…

Peace to the Heavster for try’na be greater than anyone expected him to be. Peace to him for engineering this track for the children. Teach the babies Internets.

Heavy D, Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, CL Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, Pete Rock and Q-Tip won’t curse

7 Responses to “Rest In Peaceful Jouney…”

  1. abstrizzle says:

    r.i.p. to the legend Heavy D. [by the way, rakim was supposed to be on this song right after puba’s verse]

  2. illill says:

    an incredible loss… of the most important pioneers ever

  3. TED says:

    it’s all about big tyme
    here he is (was) on a different world doing my favourite song (dall b sure on the hook)

  4. Lion XL says:

    My favorite Heav track….RIP to the big homie!!

    Never mentioned, yet never forgotten….

  5. todd whitney says:

    the word legend gets thrown around A LOT, but Heavy D…def is one in my opinion. this song is def about uplifting ourselves. plus being a child from 9-1-4…i felt like he repped for us “county kids”. i remember “Mr. Big Stuff” being played at dances when i was in middle school. seems like yesterday…

    thanks Heavy D…rest in peace big fella.

    ps…everyone’s moms LOVED Heavy D and dude was light on his feet for a big man.

  6. gagmydick says:

    that´s my shit, that beat those verse by 2pac,biggie,heavy d & grand puba fly ass hell!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mark Dub says:

    Rest In Power to Heavy D. The Heavster never compromised who he was, and looking back, dude has some CLASSICS.

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