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It’s been a minute or so since we have run this feature, but I think we can pick up quickly fom where we left off. Like most of the words that are common in today’s colloquial American lexicon there origins as Jig words are rarely documented. Words like ‘bling’ and ‘fahshizzle’ start out as Jig words but then migrate into mainstream usage because of their expressive simplicity.

I bet you didn’t realize that ‘bling’ was supposed to be the sound created when solar light rays are refracted through the multi-faceted blood diamonds that many rappers adorn themselves with. I am still waiting for someone to invent the word for what you would call a handjob from one of these girls. Stubbin’ thuggin’ love is cool but it seems kind of long. Anyhoo…

amputations are forever!

Brevity is one of the best features about Jig words. Why waste time talking using unnecessary vowels, consonants or syllables. Those are needed as attachments to people’s names. I note that jigs love to add extra vowels to their children’s names, but hate to pay you a little extra to babysit those same children. All the children with too many vowels in their names will be fucking handfuls one day, trust me.

roc a wear

Our latest installment of Jig Words begins with the website that has re-issued the term jig for all of the internets to use. ByronCrawford.Com

NULLUS – Nullus homosexualis. No homo. No brokeback. No GREG LOUGANIS. No KORDELL STEWART. No FIDDY. No GAYME. No KANGAY WEST.

7-Thirty – In the Gospel of MARK, chapter 7, verse 30, the big J.C. a/k/a The DaVINCI Code kicks the azz of some crazy hellspawn demon that was possessing a little girl. Whenever you see somebody that is mentally berserk you have to call them 7-Thirty and hit them over the head with a Bible.

MERC’D – TUPAC and B.I.G. were merc’d because someone meant to kill them. If one were to die from a stray bullet they will receive the honor of having one’s cap peeled but they don’t get the full stripes one would have had they been killed on purpose.

ETHERED – Another term that BC dot C has packaged for mass consumption of the web. When someone writes a scathing comment that is meant to belittle and demean the subject this term gets pulled out.
After I said that the whore stripper college student in the Duke case may not have been raped I was ethered by readers who thought I was pandering to the brokeback lacrosse players from Duke. Nullus, I replied.

PWNED! – To be dominated, defeated, humiliated. To be owned.


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