Endangered Species…

What is up with this jihad that God has with 42yr old fat Black men?

Heavy D, Patrice O’Neal and now Chester McGlockton?

And this isn’t even including all the 42yr old Black men who no one gives a fux about to make a press release (of which I consider myself part of the population).

Damn you obesity. I thought we was cool?

5 Responses to “Endangered Species…”

  1. FTW says:

    To die of preventable causes at 42 is fucked up.

    All of my male relatives that have passed died of preventable causes.

    It’s really fucked up when you die young and the shit’s basically your fault.

    Respect and RIP to them all but they didn’t even have to go out like that.

    Yesterday we watched Elephant in the Room, Patrice was a talented dude.

    I think the psychological term is Passive Suicide.


  2. illill says:

    definitely some scary shit

  3. yep that lets you know it,s time to get in the gym because this is scary.

  4. LM says:

    Read my mind.

  5. Mark Dub says:

    **putting down the jelly donut now** Rest in Power Heavy, Chester, and Patrice.

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