To Be Young, Gifted And White…

I was gonna go on a rant about this article some white wrote for Forbes magazine (not the DVD series, LOL) but then after spending a day discussing this shit on TWitter I feel like I’m all talked out now.

I get it. The author wants poor people to rise above their exploitation. The author doesn’t get it that when the chips are stacked you can’t beat the game. Blah, blah, blah. At this point in my life I really don’t care if people acknowledge their privilege and how said privilege undermines the rights of others. See, once someone acknowledges this they must then act to restore the balance instead of perpetuating the status quo and honestly, after centuries of advantage and privilege what white in his right mind wants to give all that up?

You don’t give up a head start in a race because you believe in equality. You take the head start and you don’t look back. You shrug your shoulders and declare that it wasn’t you who made the rules. You install some complicit cowardism into your steez. I mean, you don’t want to be known as the white who gave away white privilege do you? Of course not. Your parents weren’t that courageous or upstanding (no offense to talking about your moms) and neither are you. Let things keep riding the way they always have. The poor will figure a way out.

They’ll use the internets.

7 Responses to “To Be Young, Gifted And White…”

  1. E Double says:

    Why is this idea of not being able to beat the game so absolute? Sounds defeatist.

  2. the_dallas says:

    If you ever wanna be totally real and honest with yourself then you have to acknowledge that for you to win in the game of capitalism someone else has to be exploited.

    If you are fine with that then cool. I’m certainly fine with it.

  3. Combat Jack says:

    It’s obvious that the author of that Forbes piece never got finger banged in the culo by his drunk uncle.

  4. pmac says:

    tell us how you really feel

  5. Fosterakahunter says:

    Real. Serious. Word. Stay up, DP.

  6. BIGNAT says:

    e double it’s because of the things you hear in the news everyday. it was newt gingrich that said instead of the kids of inner city schools. being pimps, drug dealers and prostitutes. to keep them off the streets they should clean the schools where they learn at. basically he wants our children to clean up there own schools because the only other things they can be doing. are being drug dealers, pimps or prostitutes. they can’t aspire to be nothing different so they have to learn how to be janitors now?

    e double you can’t let sideways comment like that slide that man is not saying that as satire. he really feels that way.

    dallas is right about how capitalism works and the reason it’s fucked up now. is our middle class is disappearing meaning you either going be in the 1% with no cares in the world or be in the 99% fucked up in teh game. even if make good money your over taxed over worked. the prices of stuff seems to go up every couple weeks and who gets raises that often?

    “You don’t give up a head start in a race because you believe in equality. You take the head start and you don’t look back. You shrug your shoulders and declare that it wasn’t you who made the rules.”
    it’s those who get the head start and if they really feel they want to help out. they offer the start to other people. if they don’t feel like it i agree i can’t be mad at them.

  7. da roundeye says:

    did obama acknowledge his privilege? did herman cain his? bush, clinton me or you. it really doesn’t matter. there is a human condition for social order. humans are innately going to take advantage of each other on all levels. on all levels, there are “poor” people that take advantage of “poorer” people and so and so. this will never change. sure some have head starts and some break the cycle with some sort of realization of a something bigger than self. but look at where we are at in society, just look at this website. we glorify materialism & temporal self satisfaction. do we really care? don’t take this as a righteous diatribe because i’m drinking a craft IPA and typing on a MacBook Pro right now. if i really cared i would be doing something else with my time and resources but alas i am like you. web surfing, occupying my thoughts with things that are simple to comprehend.

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