British Monkeys To Take The L.S.A.T.’s

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That just sounds retarded doesn’t it? I would be willing to bet you there are some people that couldn’t score as high as a monkey. Or a chimp.

bedtime for bonzo

British scientists want to resume testing drugs and medications on non-human primates for research on these drugs efficacy on humans. As usual, a group of white with too much time on their hands is protesting this as they consider it cruelty to animals.

I don’t understand why some people will try to save the whales from the bow of a slave ship. They can generate an empathy for animals, but not their fellow humans. I wish we could use these bleeding heart animal rights activists for labratory tests instead of the animals. Open up their brains and study what makes these people so stupid.

Let’s face it, if we aren’t going to use the monkeys then it’s going to have to be the Africans. Next up are the Mexicans and the disenfranchised Americans.

2 Responses to “British Monkeys To Take The L.S.A.T.’s”

  1. LM says:

    Good Lord, man, you’ve taken it up to another level this weekend, all Nowitzki-like. Except you didn’t put up 11 the other night.

  2. Storm says:

    LOL! Love the pics of the twins!!

    But yes, I’d agree with you on that. Save the animals, not the humans. Self-hatred at its finest.

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