Calling New Orleans – Poppa needs new shoes!

Prah’lee by now you all have seen the internet pictures of the jig ‘looter’ and the lightskinned mulatto ‘finders’ coming out of New Orleans (BIGGUP to everyone in the web-cipher that shot me that story!). I haven’t watched any newsreels yet but I am pretty sure you will see footage of jigs wading thru water filled with shit and piss as they carry plasma televisions and satellite radios off to their… uh… yeah. These poor bastards don’t even have homes right now. And the city has no elecrticity either so I wonder where these fools are gonna plug all that shit in. Can you imagine some fool sitting in a tree watching a 50inch plasma T.V. with a toaster filled with some stale wet Wonder bread all hooked up to a gas generator?

Who the fuck cares about a fucking toaster?!? All the shit that sits in the stores that are in the disaster perimeter will be insured by the Feds and you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be store owners that add an extra invoice or two to the list when FEMA comes around to tally shit up. Meanwhile these jigs are insured for na’an (DerrrtySouth-speak for nothing). If they had a pot to piss in they would have left New Orleans already. So essentially the local government says that they would rather chase folks that steal a bottle of sody pop which is worth… na’an, than save the lives of its citizens, who are basically poor people. Damn! Life is cheap as fuck for jigs in the Derrrty. Glad I live here up here in the big town where all us jig folks have to worry about is your occassional baseball bat attack.

Which brings me to the reason I posted a picture of sneakers. I am looking for a size 12 of the AIR JORDAN DUB-ZEROS in the blue/black colorway. If anyone has a cousin or family in the New Orleans area that has come up on these shoes please holler at BILLY SUNDAY. I will definitely support the cause and pay cuzzo the full retail price.

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