Get Ready For Combat…

The Combat Jack Show with special guest Touré was one of those rare glimpses people will see which has a REAL discussion on race in America and the repercussions created by honoring this made-up social construct. Touré came to discuss the meaning of his book titled ‘Who’s Afraid Of Post-Blackness‘. What is Blackness? What is the value of white priivilege? Why is Combat Jack (and conversely Touré) an Uncle Tom? Why is Premium Pete a racist?

My favorite part of the show is when Touré ethers me on Boston Celtics history about that franchise having the ‘Jackie Robinson’ of basketball. Chuck Cooper was one of the first few African-Americans drafted into the NBA in 1950, but Earl Lloyd of the Washington Capitals was the first to play in the NBA. Still, his remarks held a piece of truth and that is all you need when you want to be a race trader. Touré knows this from a lifetime in defending all of his values against his Blackness.

As you will hear, the discussion was lively and filled with moments of clarity and humor. I salute Touré for having the courage to even enter the arena. You gotta be ready for combat if you are gonna be a guest on the Combat Jack Show.

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  1. Gee says:

    That was and excellent show from start to finish. Love the music and that ‘er body know what I know and fux with Sweden. Have never been a fan of Toure’ but can now at least put some cred and laughs to some of the things attributed to him that appeared hard or insensitive. The banter was crazy and the flow of the show was on point. Kudos to you, Combat and the crew.

  2. TED says:

    pete can’t be racist if he thinks eyetalians are still ‘black’ (no balotelli)

  3. Puerto-Black says:

    Again Another Great episode.

  4. Puerto-Black says:

    Fuck is Pete talking about? How do you act white? “I dont need to know. From what Have heard?” Ya man going of assumption? Dallas, your a genius. Please talk to him.

  5. Puerto-Black says:

    How do you “do black”?

  6. Pajama Rich says:

    Aye DP, is there a download link to this??

  7. Ryan says:

    Yeah, we need a DL link for this episode. Just heard the newest episode on iTunes and felt a bit lost.

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