Fanboyz Unite!

The saga of Dontrevius Wenters lives on as Terrence and I had a chance to bring Dontrevius into Madison Square Garden, but this time with a media credential.

Dontrevius walked on the hallowed hardwood and kicked it with fans and Knicks legends alike.

Talking with John Starks about ‘The Dunk’ >>>infinity>>>

15 Responses to “Fanboyz Unite!”

  1. TED says:

    fucking classic CHEA!

  2. Puerto-Black says:

    O shit, thee John Starks? My All-Time favorite Knick.(Minus the 2-18 night but “The MAn” of the team couldnt fuckin Dunk INSTEAD OF A FINGER ROLL!

  3. Tone Riggz says:

    Dishing and swishing…

  4. gagmydick says:

    lol, are you not ashamed of yourself? how old are you? do you got kids? do you got a wife? NO??? well, get a life.

  5. Wardell Franklin says:

    Dontrevius! I’ve long thought DP and Clyde need to have an NYC swag summit and now it’s happened… If only Marv Albert were still around to call it– YES!!

    @ Puerto-Black: you have a strong constitution if Starks if your favorite player– I liked him a lot but son drove me crazy too on the off nights– though not as crazy as fucking Charlie Ward, Allen Houston and whatever other “What Would Jesus Do” douchebags thanking the “creator who makes all things possible” except maybe for making the 3.


    Xavier McDaniel
    Anthony Mason
    Mark Jackson
    Doc Rivers
    Herb Williams
    John Starks (on the good nights)


    Bernard King
    Trent Tucker

  6. abstrizzle says:

    Starks didn’t dunk on Jordan. He dunked on Horace Grant. People love to embellish whenever they see this clip. Granted, Jordan jumped. But he wasn’t underneath Starks like Ewing was underneath Jordan, when Jordan posterized him.

  7. the_dallas says:

    No Kiki Vandewhege pre-glory? No Johnny Newman in the glory?

    Starks dunked on Grant AND Jordan and the whole Bulls squad with that play.


  8. abstrizzle says:

    This was Starks’ only famous dunk. But Jordan dunked on EVERYBODY NUMEROUS OF TIMES. One play doesn’t solidify shit compared to how Jordan embarrassed every team in the NBA. You know that Jordan was always ready for combat & shitted on every team while they were on the floor mat. LMAO!

  9. Wardell Franklin says:

    No, you’re def. right DP– sometimes we lose touch with ourselves. I was thinking of those Knicks Christmas day games I went to in mid-’80s, against Celtics and I think the Sixers…

    Louis Orr
    Pat Cummings
    Darrell Walker (on a good night)
    Hubie Brown’s Afro

    Kiki was a hep white boy too

    To this day I’m ambivalent about Latrell; there were nights he was awesome and a lot of others he was maddening, even moreso than Starks. In the end, I think I can live without that stress again!

  10. illill says:

    knicks are the most overrated franchise ever. two chips since ’46. and ive been a fan since birth and its frustrating. and they arent winning this year either.

    GIANTS BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. pmac says:

    celts gonna win, knicks are frauds fire dtony

  12. Ceze says:

    Yooo I had that poster hanging above my bed as a little kid. shit brings back hella memories

  13. gagmydick says:

    dallas did you loose weight?

  14. JT$ says:

    no vid for this one? I wanna see what you and Clyde talked about!

  15. Merv says:

    wat pip did to pat was epic. fuck john s

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