Quickly Moving In Opposite Directions…

Houston beat fire out of the Knicks yesterday with a stellar performance from a volleyball player. That’s right. Houston reserve Chase Budinger scored 19 points on 7 for 12 shooting. Budinger could might as well be a professional surfer with the way the Knicks are playing defense right now. The Houston Rockets were without their leading scorer and playmaker Kevin Martin yet they still handed the Knicks their eighth loss in nine games.

The Knicks finished off their road trip skidding to a halt. While Carmelo Anthony nursed his injured ankle and wrists Amar’e Stoudemire was mired deep in a performance quandary. Who are these Knickerbockers anyhoo? When did they become so enamored with the three point shot? This almost reminds me of the ill-fated Pitino era at MSG. But at least Pitino could instruct his players on how to execute a half-court trap.

The D’Antoni led Knicks are uninspired to extend their defense past arms length. And now even the teams offense has left them lonely. I was absolutely convinced several weeks ago when I personally watched the Knicks lackluster home court efforts that Mike D’Antoni would not be coaching this team into Black History month. Well, I’ve still got two(2) days left to dream I guess?

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  1. Wardell Franklin says:

    Yeah, this shit is starting to make the Lenny Wilkins era look good by comparison. And I always felt kinda bad for Lenny, who seemed like he deserved better than the fucking numskulls he ended up with.

    Knicks heads can contradict me but I swear this team has been cursed since before Van Gundy split. Remember all those manic 4th quarter flurries and collapses? I’m not going to say done the stats but it seemed obvious the team was fucked in the head and things have NOT gotten better: motherfucking Dolan, Isaiah, Marbury (whom I really hoped could turn it around) and on down the line.

    I will never, ever root for or support the Nets in any way that doesn’t have Julius Erving shooting a red, white and blue ball but it’s been a long ass time since any Knicks but Dontrevius Wenters and Walt Frazier made me laugh, let along gave a sliver of Hope.

  2. Yeah, D’Antoni’s needs to be removed immediately. He does not have the mental toughness to coach NY style basketball.

    Sports in general, need to let go of all these old Sandusky type coaches. Mother fuck them all. They had their time and made their millions. The younger coaches (35- 45 years old) need a shot.

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