Outfit Architecture…

This is how I end up going on missions to acquire kicks and other elements to accentuate my swag repertoire. Just a simple encounter with Bek Live on the Deuce reminded me that there are so many other brands which deserve my dollar loyalty for their legacy of creating well made apparel.

The Descente brand has long been a sportsmens favorite for their biking gear and their ski wear. I picked up this ski jacket over the weekend off the eBay system for only $25 bucks and FREE shipping.

The aquamarine and royal purple hits reminded me of the Air Jordan VIII ‘Aquas’ that I had more than twenty years ago. I looked them up on eBay and the prices weren’t too enticing at about $300 for the retros issued five of so years ago.

Nike’s Jordan Brand division has just done a re-boot (you see what I just did?) of the VIII style called the 8.0 and they even have an ‘Aqua’ inspired colorway. The fact that these shoes are just sitting on shelves collecting dust means that by next winter I’ll have at least two elements to my ‘Aquaman’ outfit.

Now I need to find a ‘LO sweater which ties this whole thing together.

Something in royal purple…

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  1. I gotta say, the 8.0’s are the first remakes that i find at all compelling… and that’s only in the aqua colorway. The VIII aqua is a straight up classic – plus without a lot of retro’s that = major money for a retro pair. So the 8.0’s seem like a good compromise. I was buggin when I saw the aqua pair, too, they dropped that on the SUPER D/L.

  2. illill says:

    mad true chu….the aquas VIII remixes look dope….the other ones dont at all.
    i didnt see these just the other ones.


  3. superbadsolace says:

    fix that roman numerology sir. There are no aqua 13’s. Looking forward to see how emotional you’re gonna get with this one.

  4. the_dallas says:


    Thanks for fixing my math.

    I promise to get completely emotional with this ‘Fit.

  5. Random Decente Fact: They also did the USA Basketball unis for the ’84 Olympic Team starring a then college athlete named Michael Jeffery Jordan.

    And I agree about these 8.0’s they did a great job with the Aqua colorway, but the rest are BLAH like most of Brand Jordan’s output.

  6. Mousiee says:

    Just seen a Descente like this on PoloPirate’s site. Nice!!

  7. george''Rush'' says:

    can someone send me a link to where i can buy this jacket my Email is dembowmen@hotmail.com

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