I don’t want y’all to be going thru the perpetual recurring deficits I experience because I’m a sneaker fiend but how can you front on the CLASSIC for “only a mere bag of shells”. -Sean Price

Cork Clothing is plugging you into another Nike outlet deal. This time its the Lebanon (Pennsylvania? Beirut?!?) outlet. $49.99 for the Air Max 90 ‘Infra Red’. FYAHVERKX!!!

How does it all work?

  • You call the outlet store phone number and speak with someone on the sales floor
  • Inquire about the size you want
  • If they have it in stock you can use your debit card to order over the phone and have the shoes shipped directly to your door
  • 8 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

    1. Smear says:

      I need a fresh pair of the infareds.. shame i can’t get em shipped to oz…. sz 12…. I send you $110 to cover shippin bruh?

    2. bville says:

      that’s Lebanon, TN, right around Nashville

    3. illill says:

      i saw that first pic on the site yesterday and havent been the same since

    4. JT$ says:

      Tried to order a 10.5-11 but they were sold out.

      Good looking tho Dallas!

    5. sh3lldon says:

      I saw the plug for them the other day, only thing is outlets dont do international shipping, US SF’s enjoy!

    6. Smear says:

      top 2 sneak of all time

    7. upgrayedd says:

      I got these in Orlando NIke outlet. $29.99 – 20%= $24.00. pretty good deal.

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