Avengers Vs. X-Men…

Combat Jack wants me to reclaim my comic nerd status so he has been pushing me to get back into reading comic books. I’m slowly coming back to the books but to be honest I don’t like the comic book universe as much as I did thirty years ago. Truthfully, after the death of Jean Grey and the murder of Elektra I prA’li can’t ever enjoy reading comics that much anymore.

Still I pick up books here and there when I see a cover that intrigues me or I flip through the trades whenever I’m in a library waiting for my turn on a computer (ugh, yes I’m a degenerate), but there really hasn’t been series that I’ve been intrigued by enough to follow at the comic book shop. Until…

Avengers versus X-Men. I never really liked the Avengers except when Neal Adams or John Byrne were on the pencils. The Avengers storylines were always meh to me. I liked some of the characters but they all seemed like they were forced together. The X-Men were more organic of a team. Their first plight was to save mutants from humankind which wanted to persecute them. The Avengers were like rockstars. No one really hated them other than bad guys. No one liked the X-Men.

Without giving away any spoilers to this new series opener I just have to comment on one thing. Why the fux does Captain America carry a gun now? To me he is no longer a superhero now that he uses a gun. Its not even a raygun. Captain America is just a regular ol’ cop now. The OG Captain America just had a shield and wild athleticism. This new Captain America could be George Zimmerman for all I know.

I wasn’t really into the writing or the artwork in the first issue but I’ll give the series a shot just like I did for Batman Odyssey which ultimately sucked the skin off a donkey’s sachs. I ended up buying the variant cover along with the first issue and both were $4 apiece. Take a look at this preview and if you fux with it maybe you’ll pick it up at your local shop. Ha. Who are you kidding? You’d steal money from out your mother’s purse first.

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  1. BIGNAT says:

    i only buy trades i can’t keep up with the weekly comic grind plus it’s cost alot. my friend he still goes a couple things i wanna check out the fear itself storyline seems good. that is why you need someone who reads comic so you don’t buy the side stories but the mai storyline. the other joint with the extra thor hammers i forgot what that was called. i have to get back on kick ass it went to kick ass 2 and it done saw the last one it was pretty good. which means i can buy the on ore two issues of kick ass i missed and get a trade for the kick ass 2 story. i need to get some black panther trades. research for my con outfit i’m going do one this year. i have to get more of the boys trades. the boys is some crazy shit i like it. i get most of my trades on ebay or tales of wonder they have great deals. also they always have sales and they usually have the lowest prices for stautes

  2. BIGNAT says:

    oh the cap with a gun thing is because cap is dead now. that is not the same cap that is the only thing i could think of. the new cap has a gun

  3. beirut says:

    “This new Captain America could be George Zimmerman for all I know.”

    rip trayvon

  4. Simonius Rockwell says:

    Dont sleep on Brubaker with the storyline. Check out his other work like Criminal and Incognito. I will pick up the trade based on that alone.

  5. SIC says:

    “This new Captain America could be George Zimmerman for all I know”… lmaoo.. If not mistaken, Buck is now captain america, to keep up the image. The real steve rogers is working covert operations as head of shield.

  6. Msidious says:

    The 2 series I last fux’d wit just ended. Punisher MAX and Deadpool Max 2.

  7. Ivan says:

    Yo Dallas, you up on Fatale? My new favorite series (written by Brubaker).

  8. khal says:

    Bucky WAS Captain America, but he’s the Winter Soldier. Again.

    PunisherMAX is the shit doe. That was a raw, satisfying read.

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