Raising The Knicks Up From The Dead…

I’ve put a moratorium on all my derogatory and slanderous TWits aimed at Carmelo Anthony after his Easter Sunday ‘Miracle at MSG‘. The Knicks needed a savior and ‘Melo wound up playing the role of the big shot messiah. Who knows what will be the fate of these Knickerbockers for the month of April but yesterday afternoon was moment of blissful ecstasy that I’ll hold onto until the end of the regular season.


Carmelo played his greatest game as a Knick not just by having his career high as a Knickerbocker, but how he rallied the team with clutch shooting when everyone else couldn’t throw the ball in the ocean. And by everyone I mean Anthony’s former Denver teammate J.R. ‘Fancy Shoes’ Smith.

While the Knick win was exhilarating it also came with a price. The Knicks management granted media access to comedian Tracy Morgan so that he could assume the role of the greatest Knick that never was. Despite his efforts Dontrevius Wenters has no place with this organization. Maybe the Brooklyn Royale might could use a superstar to replace Deron Williams when he makes tracks after the season ends?

I just need someone to get the DW workout tape to Sean Carter.

8 Responses to “Raising The Knicks Up From The Dead…”

  1. Wardell Franklin says:

    Yo DP, I’m gonna say it straight up: I don’t think Tracy Morgan, third rate comedian who knows how to play the show biz game, is not above biting the kid.

    I hope that isn’t true because his schtick was fucking cornball but really… I wonder where the hell that came from all of a sudden?

    The day Tracy Morgan is 1/100th a Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, Godfrey Cambridge, Redd Foxx etc +++ is the day the Dolan Knicks match up with ’72-’73, which is to say fucking NEVER.

    I’m heated!

  2. BIGNAT says:

    tracy to me is hit or miss sometimes he is on and sometimes he is not funny at all. to me he is at his best when talking on a late night show he just goes in and does crazy shit. plus he doesn’t say the same stuff to everyone. he has new material and stuff to say for leno, conan, letterman etc. other people when they do that they got the same story for everyone one they visit

  3. merv says:

    yo dp fuck da knicks lets talk about the spurs who u said some thing like it was a Death Of A Dynasty so this must be the part when the spurs steal kanye from jayz

  4. Wardell Franklin says:

    @ BIGNAT– yeah, Tracy’s not that bad (pretty good sometimes, even, as when he’s appear on pre-total fall off Howard Stern) but I was a little put out about Tracy getting this attention while our boy Dontrevius seems to have had the arena doors shut in his cherubic headband wearing put-me-in-coach face.

  5. BIGNAT says:

    Hey wardell with comedy it’s hard to top pryor because he pushed all the limits. nowadays not to many limits to push. Foxx was just funny in everything he did. Cosby was a gimick to me with the not want to curse thing. yet he would hang out at the playboy mansion smh. I don’t think I have heard about the other person

  6. Wardell Franklin says:

    Bignat, go to youtube and check out Godfrey Cambridge, he was great, really pushed the boundaries as far as black man could and still get on tv etc. Dick Gregory, better known later as an activist and health guru was great too.

    I used to be down on Cosby because the tv show was so huge when I was coming up but when you see his early stand up, movies and guest appearances. He really was that great, though he has that hard-ass side to him lots of self-made men do (James Brown too). Check this out for his virtuosity tho’–


  7. illill says:

    pryor is definitely top along with his “counterpart” paul mooney. i shouldnt call paul mooney a counterpart but hes not as known as he should be, which is a disgrace.

    just because cosby didnt curse doesnt mean he doesnt like pussy.

  8. BIGNAT says:

    wardell i know about his old stuff my dad would play it on records when i was younger. when i was helping my mom put stuff into storage i played some of those joints again still funny. my thing is cosby is a hater he doesn’t like that other people can be successful doing things in a way he sees as wrong. which makes it seem like he did those things just so he can buck trends and say he is better than everyone.

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