September 11 = ‘T-DAY’?


Since we already have a D-Day and a V-Day, how about renaming 9-11 T-Day? The ‘T’ could represent the towers that fell, or the Taliban, our new post-cold war nemesis, or maybe even the taxes and tariffs that have arisen from all the tumult.

One of the reasons that the Taliban targeted the U.S. is because we have things like blue jeans, cable T.V., porno and McDonald’s. I wish that we could have just dropped some bootleg cable T.V. boxes on Iraq instead of all our troops. After a few months of watching M.T.V., I bet those Taliban people would be as depressed as we Americans are. T.V. reminds me that I am too poor, I am too fat and I am sure not queer enough to live a fabulous life here in the States.

I’m thinking of relocating to Jerkistan.

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