When You’re In New York…

“Concrete jungle where dreams are made of” *This Jay-Z song pwns NYC sporting events*

Being in the Garden last nite was a blessing and a dream come true as I had a chance to chop it up with Knicks legends John Starks and Larry Johnson.

Playoff season is in full effect at MSG and it made me reminisce on some of the greatest Knickerbocker moments I can personally remember in their Association ‘chip tourney history.

Which one is your favorite?

The Dunk.

John Starks over Michael Jordan and the whole Bulls nation

The 4 Point Play.

LJ’s impossible 4 point play to seal Knicks win in Game 3 of 1999 Eastern Conference finals

The Prayer From The Wing.

Allan Houston’s heavenly floater helps Knicks (8th seed) defeat Miami Heat (#1 seed) in first round of 1999 association tourney

12 Responses to “When You’re In New York…”

  1. Wardell Franklin says:

    June 17, 1994 Game 5 Knicks-Rockets


    True story: I was watching the game at house of friend of mine, a piano player and singer, who’d just had polyp surgery and literally couldn’t speak unless he wanted to end up like Miles Davis so I had to yell for the both of us.

    Fucking OJ!!!!

    Q: How many of us were spinning “Juicy” (released a few weeks earlier) yet?

  2. Wardell Franklin says:

    my bad– meant “Juicy” RECORDED a few weeks earlier– playing happily pre-Jay world and also wondering about Biggie ‘insiders’ etc who felt something early.

  3. khal says:

    i was a Bulls fan for as long as i was a Nets fan, so i was definitely feeling disrespected when Starks dunked on Jordan. i can’t hate, though – that’s shit was pure amazoid. Starks was pure raw emotion when he was on the court, and that shit was turnt up when it was Chicago/NY time. that shit was vanglorious.

  4. illill says:

    the problem is there arent that many……the allan houston play cuz it won the series.

  5. illill says:

    also bernard king in the 84 playoffs.

  6. T-Bag says:

    Vince Carter jumping over dude in the Olympics, greatest dunk of all time

  7. Fucking Sean price says:

    I was at the game when Larry Johnson made that shot

  8. Hologram Dirt Dog says:

    I was at Bernard King’s 60 point game against the fucking Nets, Xmas 1984–


  9. Jay Smooth says:

    I’m just gonna add Kenny Sky Walker winning the dunk title (we gotta take what we can get, my Knick people)

  10. Jaislayer says:

    All three are classic moments but never forget the Knicks sweeping the Sixers, that’s when Mark Jackson got the steal & the dunk. Also Ewing hitting the fade away three in front of the Celtics bench in the 1990 playoffs

  11. Dallas, you my man fiddy grand and and pack of tube socks but cut it out with all the “Starks dunks on Jordan and the entire Bulls nation” bull-shiggidy…lol!! If anyone got posterized it was Grant’s soft ass and Jordan slid over a second too late, otherwise he would’ve been wiping the glass with Starks shyt, and no other Bulls were in the immediate vacinity bruh. BJ got broke, or shall I say pushed by Ewing on the “attempted” yet failed screen (more dirty NY tactics that team was known for back then) which enabled that dunk to even happen. Starks was indeed a live wire and I loved his intensity, especially when it came down to Bulls vs. Knicks & the playoffs, but stop it 5 with all the delusions of grandeur. Pat still never got any jewelry and with all of Anthony & Stodamire’s (sp) bitchassness as of lately, doesn’t look like your beloved Knicks will be getting their ring fingers fitted for any jewelry any time soon….LOL!!! GO BULLS DAMMIT!!!

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