Addicted To The Lifestyle…

I got the e-mail last week about a last chance sale on and I tried to act like I wasn’t going to fux with it all. I avoided looking at the website up until yesterday (after I got another e-mail telling me the sale would end on Monday).

I really wasn’t pressed since I was starting to find these Modern Explorer pieces up in Marshall’s and I know Macy*s end of season sale is around the corner. But then I opened a link which had this Year of the Dragon flag posted up. I can’t NOT fux with scarves. I can’t.

The dragon scarf link pulled me into the link with this flight jacket and since the satin jackets are sold the fux out I figured I might as well get in while there’s still something to get got.

The flight jacket has some nifty details and a dragon print on the sleeve. BAM! They got me and I don’t even have the bread to spare right now. I guess the phone gonna have to get shut off for a couple of weeks? LMAO.

True story.

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11 Responses to “Addicted To The Lifestyle…”

  1. the_dallas says:

    Boooooooo! The largest size is XL

    That joint is FIYAHVERKX!

  2. illill says:

    when I first saw those Olympic rugbies a few weeks ago I shed a tear
    There are like 20 pieces I need

    Dallas….i had to stay away from the private sale since I have two modern explorer pieces and the GBR ocean challenge piece in layaway at 3 different
    that jacket is crazy

  3. BrickCity77 says:

    Illill peep the cardigan joint tho I told ya’ll the Olympic line was going to be crazy

  4. illill says:

    brick…..thats classy right there

  5. BrickCity77 says:

    Illill, yea man. So far they doing the Olympic line justice.

    Yo DP I just checked the polo site and they got that blue USA satin jacket, I had posted, in an XXL

  6. BIGNAT says:

    I had to go back in on Sunday I didn’t see that scraf or I would have got it. Polo got me canceling dates lol

  7. Ah Huh says:

    just coped this jacket because of this post …… I have to say – it ain’t all that cos I got a british label fifty-eigthy thats almost identical ….. RL pretty copied it it all the way so to ebay the BIU goes …… disappointed. DP, you owe me one for Stanning you on this come up .

  8. the_dallas says:

    I usually believe you guys when you say you ‘coped’ something but I haven’t even received my items yet and you say you saw my post and THEN copped the jacket and THEN received it already?!?

    “We don’t believe you, you need more people”

    Keep stanning tho’

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