If I Ruled The World…

First thing I’d do is become the CEO of a prison corporation. Prison corporations are contractors of the federal government. That is good money right there. The federal government bailed out Wall Street and the U.S. automakers to the tune of many billions of dollars. If the Fed can’t pay for it then it can’t be bought.

With the profits from my prisons due to the high levels of incarceration for shit like traffic tickets and throwing cigarette butts on the sidewalk I’d start an entertainment company with music, video and print outlets. My artists would be former and future inmates who would help me maintain and increase my prison occupancy levels.

Of course I’d give each entity a separate and distinct name, so this way you folks wouldn’t realize they were all guided by the same board of directors. Do you know how much money I’d make just from Black and brown people in America alone? Oh yeah, I’d scoop up some white folks too.

If I ruled the world…

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  1. Fosterakahunter says:

    I sense deep irony and biting sarcasm here.

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