The Monday Morning Quarterback Wk. 8


This weekend had to be my worst by far. It looked like all my picks were going to come up with an ‘L’. How is that possible? Okay, maybe I should have known better than to think that a rookie could go to Lambeau and silence the ghost of LOMBARDI. DREW BREES throws for over 380 yards against the RAY-vens and the Saints still get blown?!? The Jets continue to disguise themselves as a team that we should care about.

On another note, the Eagles are so bad right now. They totally shot their load trying to beat Dallas and exorcise the demons of T.O. and McNABB’s vomit. Who wants to bet that McNABB gets traded at the end of the season? Two words… RON MEXICO.

I was lousy this week, and so were most of you. As usual, a girl comes through with the weekly high number. You fellas suck.

THE DALLAS – 3 pts (29)
CANDICE = 3 pts (35)
TIFFANY = 5 pts (30)
40 DAWG aka “SOUL CABILASIAN #1” = 4 pts (29)
J trademark= 2 pts (14)
LM = 5 pts (33)
AMADEO = 4 pts (30)
JESSE = 3 pts (26)
SHONQUAYSHAH= 4 pts (31)
Mr.KAMOJI = 4 pts (34)
EL A IN THE D = 2 pts (21)
PRYNSEX = 4 pts (26)
S DOT = 2 pts (30)
SASQUATCHFART = 4 pts (26)
ALEX2.0 = 1 pt (29)
RD = 3 pts (28)
JIGG = 4 pts (6)
MISHA = 4 pts (4)
ESBEE = 3 pts (3)

Everybody say welcome to the new poolers. I see y’all out there. CANDICE still rules the roost after half a season, but that will prah’lee change next week when I start putting bonus points into the weekly lineup set. Enjoy the Sunday Night and Monday Night contests party people. New pool picks popoff on Thursday.

9 Responses to “The Monday Morning Quarterback Wk. 8”

  1. Candice says:

    I was at that lousy Eagles game. It was cold, windy and the stench of desperation filled the air. I felt bad for their fans. They deserve better.

    This was my worst week too Dallas. Maybe I can get one shoe for making it through half the season?

  2. Alex2.0 says:

    i have hit an all-time low. 1 point?!!!! i will step up this week.

    philly cant disappoint me this week since they’re on a bye. and it looks like da bears will be feasting on some dolphins this week so its not looking good for either of my teams. 🙁

  3. Amadeo says:

    I’m in the rearview mirror. Closing in.

  4. prynsex says:

    Damn Bengals.

  5. jl3969 says:

    how bout them cowboys?

  6. Tiffany says:

    I did better than I expected……:-)

  7. 40 Dawg aka "The Upper East Side Night Delivery Dude" says:

    Bonus Points… I like it.


    On some other sports sh*t, I took my beloved Temple Owls getting of the schneid a little to far. Complete with Suge Knighting people in the bodega. Heaven help us all if I win this one…

  8. Misha says:

    The JETS got ROBBED!!!!!

    i am gonna start a posse to go lynch that ref

  9. esbee says:

    Told you the Ray-vens would surprise folk..

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