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One of the reasons that I appreciate OhWord dot com is because of their tireless effort to identify trends on these internets. We all know what a Hot Ghetto Mess means to the people that live within the urban boundaries, but what about the folks that live in the trailer parks and the Ozarks? What would you call their need for individualistic self-expression that somehow misses the mark of sensibility. The good people from the R & D department at OhWord call this…


Let’s take a look at some photo samples of Jethro Fabulousness from a recent Kid Rock concert in the Appalachian region of Ohio.

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Families that smoke crystal meth together stay together.

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Sure, this dude is gangsta with his tiparillo, but peep grandma in the background.

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Mom disappeared for a half an hour, but then she returned with sweatshirts. Thanks Uncle Roadie.

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Don’t worry little Jenna, as soon as you turn 18 mom will chip in and help you buy your new boobs.

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Yes, that is a du-rag, and yes, he is trying to get waves.

h j m

Stop being racist internets, even Black folks can get Jethro Fabulous.

Pick out your own favorite Hot Jethro Mess from the Kid Rock concert slideshow pics.

8 Responses to “OH WORD Presents HOT JETHRO MESS…”

  1. Amadeo says:

    Damn it’s like Napoleon Dynamite…I can’t figure out if it’s the 80’s or everyone is just dressed that way.

  2. Good stuff. Love the dude in the du rag.

    What happened to the Johan Santana post though? Did you not want to jinx it? Well, if it doesn’t happen, blame me because I did a post on it.

  3. omegaSB says:

    If u want some real crazy ass Jethro …watch Gummo. Your mind will shit itself in confusion.

  4. evan says:

    Hot Jethro = The Caesar is the ultimate in gangster cuts. Trailing in a very close second is long hair on top and the sides and back completely shaved.

    Please, please. If you want to see this type of mess, come down to Orlando and I’ll take you to the flea market. Imagine if carnies settled down and created an open air Wal-Mart, but then turned it over to Asians and Mexicans.

  5. Candice says:

    I think I have a new catchphrase. Love it.

    You need to come to PA to check out some real Hot Jethro Messes. Mullets abound in this state.

  6. FatBoY says:

    The dude in the first picture throw up the Texas Longhorns sign looks like a white Lil Flip.

  7. Co-sign Candice on the PA mullets. Just hit up a small town Pennsylvania wedding sometime.


  8. Dan Love says:


    I need to hit you with some photos of British Jethro Fabulousness. You wouldn’t believe some of the looks that go down this side of the pond.

    I’ll get on that little mission.



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