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TRENT CLARK from the Smoking Section dot com hit me up on the Facebook and asked me what was the best record album cover evar.

Now I’m no Dart Adams when it comes to remembering al the album art from since forever but I just happened to have a few album covers on my HD that I enjoy for their photography and their, erm, artistic value.

What I started to think about though was that with the onslaught of digital piracy how much album art wasn’t being witnessed. I wonder if my nigga GEORGE DuBOSE is still taking pics. Anyhoo, so it went down like this…

I threw up an album cover (Spec Boogie’s Kid Gorgeous) and TC replied with MC Pooh (remove that ‘H’ and that is the best emcee name evar).


smoking section

I threw up another one (Soca Bacchanal – please don’t ask) and TC put up the thread killer. I should have known better than to go in with this dude since he was obviously holding back this gem to smash my fingers with.


smoking section

9 Responses to “DP2FTV vs. TC_TSS”

  1. Gotty™ says:

    lol and both of you hopeless fellows forgot…

    Blu Warta’s – This Is Luv/I Can Make It 12″


    …complete w/the tat on her arse.

  2. mercilesz says:

    easily Organized Konfusion Stress or BDP Sex Drugs and Violence or any OHIO PLAYERS cover or any Rudy Ray Moore cover or any James Brown cover on after his stint with King and before his Peace love and Unity 12″

  3. Smear says:

    Where on earth is that Pussy Belongs to Daddy shit from??
    Check out that tracklist!

  4. Pana says:

    “My pussy belongs to daddy” gotta love that!

  5. a-one says:

    lol @ kid gorgeous

  6. Gee says:

    Second Ohio Players and Rudy Ray Moore, but sadly I know who Byron Lee and the Dragonaires ARE!? ARrrGH!

  7. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    The best phuckiinnng Album Cover ever?
    Apocalypse 91-The Enemy Strikes Black

    Why? Because it has 7 layers of math in it’s imagery. (Dallas, ask me and I’ll give you an exclusive breakdown on the symbolism hidden there)

    Because it’s Public Enemy

    and because I shot it. Ernie Paniccioli

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