The Baddest MF’s Of All Time…

khmer rouge

The Khmer Rouge give the color rouge a really bad name. In only four short years they managed to kill over 2 million people in Cambodia. They were on pace to pwn the records set by the Nazis and the Stalinist Russians. Two million people in four years is 500k per annum. That is more than a thousand bodies a day.

Who the fuck has time to kill more than a thousand bodies a day? People need to respect the way Asian folks can automate and mass produce anything. Even death. For America to get their murder rate weight up to that level we have to unleash bombs laden with uranium and white phosphorous to poison the drinking water of the Iraqis.

Bombs from the sky are cowardly though when you consider that the Khmer Rouge did their killing on a house to house basis. And I also think that the Khmer Rouge deserved some props for their murderous efficiency. Each adult received a single bullet to the brain while infants and children under three were left to starve to death.

You don’t have to believe a word I’m saying either. One of the dudes from the Killing Fields is on that ‘Start Snitching’ shit.

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  1. Ben B says:

    Is it bad that I LOL’d all the way through that??

  2. Combat Jack says:

    Wow, incredible. The actual footage of the above photo has haunted me for life.

  3. F says:

    @ combat jack

    the haunting nature of the pic is why i think that’s why its a Pulitzer winner. I flipped through a collection of the winning photos over time and there are several that are essentially photographic representations of the moment death arrives. The part of the pic that always gets me is the apathetic expression of the general.

    powerful, powerful image.

  4. king blair says:

    Protect Your Neck
    Shame on a AGGIN
    Both could serve as a soundtrack to that shit Wu-Tang indeed.

    On another note King is dead long live the King——of booty mags that is
    my heart just skipped a beat

  5. Smear says:

    i remember my father relling me about first seeing that footage live on tv. Even today the way Gen Nguyen Ngoc Loan effortlessly pulls out the pistol and dispose of the vc is almost surreal. cold.

    Pol Pot and his not so mery men were some seriously bad motherfuckers.
    Along with offing a couple mill they also imprisoned countless others (particularly artists/journalists/intellectuals) in the most godfuckingawful conditions…. chained to the floor with nada but a handful of rice, and their bosy fluids…..heavy shit

  6. Smear says:

    Yeah S-21 that’s the joint.
    There’s a doco with about that hellhole worth watching survivors as well as prisoners speak on it, appropriately titled S21:the killing machine.

  7. infamous says:

    The Khmer Rouge were so relentlessly hard-ass, they started murking anybody that wore reading glasses.

    Reason: they might have been against-the-party intellectuals. True story.

  8. P.Dilla says:

    What exactly was Ben B LOLing about?

  9. the_dallas says:

    Sometimes I laugh too because it keeps me from crying

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