fatboy slim

I had to put on my suit for this joint…

My homey in ATL that I call Fats laced me with this track that I use as background music to collect my thoughts.

I thought I could do some of you folks a favor as well by giving you something for your iPod that didn’t require tightjeans to listen to.

Thanx Fats.

Download – Dallas Penn’s Theme

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  2. Speaking of theme songs, ya’ll ever see this?


    I had NOT, and am now rather speechless.

  3. Shonquayshah says:

    the beat is right, tight and outasight…makes me wanna laugh and cry at the same time, reminds me of a time when everything was…dynomite!

    u look like u r on the brink of????????

    one of my favorite joints from back in the day…is “it’s all about u” by johnny guitar watson…of course it’s not on the utube, but maybe i will try to download it from a cd and send it to you…you and cs can use it as backgroung music the the red “party light” and cold duck, uh, excuse me, champale, the next time u get loose.

  4. Shonquayshah says:

    okay dallas…here is an update…i am working in the “tell-lie-communications” industry now and i am over communicated and stimulated. i sit in front of a pc approx 8-10 hours a day and talk to strangers about strange things…and i get paid to do it.
    when i first heard about your site 05-06 i had lots of free time, now i am a part time lurker…but please know that i do love and miss you.
    i am still waiting for your ny times best seller list novel so i can come sit in the oprah audience and cheer you on wearing my dallaspenn.com t-shirt… i will up/download the johnny guitar watson another time if you promise to put it on your next cap’n billy sunday’s pirate radio podcast…btw i think you need to do a serious “it’s spring again” biz markie mix with the best of pre-summer jams and a “strictly for lovers” panties down playlist…just because, it’s that time of the year!
    i wondered if u ever got to austin, tx for the sxsw thingy…you know i live here,right? from the looks of the site, i guess u missed it, but again, there is always next year, if you come we will definitely have to meet and greet…in the mean time and in be tween time…here is another joint from springs long gone…

    take care bon ami


    • Scout says:

      Ah bon? Quels emplois puisque les “pro” aéroport parlent de &#fa20;tr2ns8ert”? Soyez logique jusqu’au bout..Pendant les travaux? Pas tout de suite… avec des travailleurs polonais, turcs qui seront exploités? “la presqu’ile aux portes du monde”… parce que 20 km de plus ou de moins ça change la situation géographique de Nantes par rapport au “reste du monde”?Quels arguments simplistes…

  5. Candice says:

    Smooth grooves and a smoove look. I like it!

  6. VEe says:

    DP = Dallas with the beard. The Internets, Chea guy dropping the drop videos on YouTube or Vimeo.

    Dallas Penn = the guy without the beard in a suit, looks like some political ambassador for St. Croix, Haiti, Martinique or maybe even Belize.

    Smooth Groove!

  7. J-Mass says:

    Dallas on the French cuff trimmed with silky knots
    He got it locked, performin’ live on your hottest block

  8. 40 says:

    Nice stone groove version of “Ain’t No Sunshine”…

    Sounds like something you can kick back and enjoy some of that Sponsor to…

  9. AW SHIT look at DP lookin all fresh in that suit.
    Music just ain’t the same these days.

  10. Amadeo says:

    I was going to give up hope re: your lack of stache….but you still have the goatee/soul patch going and that makes everything alright.

  11. the_dallas says:

    ^ Good point. Never Ever EVAR trust a Black man with no facial hair at all.

  12. 40 says:


    I don’t know why but I always believed that… Any science on that?

  13. sangano says:

    looking Sachsy!

  14. Kiana says:

    lol @ never trusting a black man with no facial hair. This pic makes me want to say “F*ck yo meeting Dallas Penn!”

    I dig the tunes.

  15. Combat Jack says:

    Uhm, I don’t really rock any facial hair.

  16. 40 says:

    Here comes Combat Jack [||] the anomaly…

  17. VEe says:

    Robert Townsend’s HBO comedy special Partners in Crime

    “Never trust a man with no hair on his upper lip.”
    He was referring to the Surgeon General.

    That’s as far as I can remember.

  18. sangano says:

    beats is fat!

  19. Lion XL says:

    now all you need is band to follow you around as you film your internets videos……(or get D-Nice to follow you with his turntables…)

  20. fats says:


    my mans. there’s no more deserving guy than you for the theme music. for all you do, this joints for you.

    thanks for everything brother


  21. Damon Brown says:

    *downloads after listening for 5 seconds*

  22. sangano says:

    can’t tell u how many times i’ve come back to this post over the last week and a half to zone out to this song.

  23. the_dallas says:

    Thats dope. Someone just sent me a YouTube video they made from this joint. The internets is a beautiful thing.

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