War Is Insane…


The pandemic that America needs to fear is not the Swine Flu from Mexico, but the brain damage zombie-itis from the troops returning from Iraq.

Holy shit! I did not realize that nearly 2 million Americans have served in the middle east wars. As a sidenote I suppose we should be proud that only 5K – 6K U.S. lives were lost. As a percentage that is pretty kick ass.

The other percentage that isn’t looking so hot is the one that says one fifth of the soldiers returning home have brain damage. WTF?!?

Let’s hope there’s enough space in Walter Reed for these soldiers. I wonder if they will qualify for a bailout? Yeah, I know better.

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  1. kayos says:

    a supposition based on a hypothesis…. its an article about nothing.

  2. Polotron says:


    If you had a family member or 2 still suffering from mysterious physical ailments that stemmed from the Desert Storm campaign, perhaps you might not feel as such.


  3. kayos says:


    I tend not to “feel” to much of anything. But that article doesn’t state anything as fact except that an article was published, and the article has a supposition in it. Everything else seems 2 be conjecture. then he edits out the part that invalidates his whole premise. That MOST of them heal w/o need of treatment. only 45-90k have symptoms more severe and have LASTING problems.
    Maybe if you thought for yourself and did a modicum of research, you might not feel as you do.


  4. kayos says:

    To edit out the sentence fragment “The overwhelming majority heal — and heal without treatment —” is a LIE BY OMISSION. It is intellectually dishonest to have a discussion w/o this in it. He is trying to lead us down the wrong path. Don’t be fooled.

  5. Mike Jordan says:

    My dude!!!

    The job was kicking my ass for 3 months, but finally pulled it in line. Glad to have time to actually read some shit I dig again.

    What’s up with the next ATL visit?

  6. Polotron says:

    Kayos, no one thinks for me.

    I took away from this what spoke to me. That does not entail co-signing every syllable. I didn’t know that all discussion had to endure the scientific method. Article about nothing? Why not state your thoughts and ideas on the subject and add something then?

    You apparently want to do the mental masturbation thing. Have at it…

  7. kayos says:

    I just like facts. There is nothing to take away from this article. It lacks facts, therefor I don’t care to take conjecture away from it. I form my own opinions, I don’t need anybody else’s. If actually caring about facts makes me a “mental masturbate-er” then so be it. Thats better than being uninformed.

  8. Polotron says:

    This guy…
    You know what kayos, I like facts too. I suggest:

    you enlist
    get some combat experience
    suffer on the battlefield that which does not kill you

    And report back.

    At that time, I will form my (own) informed opinion.

    And hurry…because anyone I’ve spoken to/anything I’ve read/any opinion I have, to date, is pure conjecture. Combine that w/ my inability to do any research or think for myself…and only you can save me.

    This guy…

  9. the_dallas says:

    You remind me of the Pentagon heads that won’t classify the dudes who have all their limbs blown off from IED’s as war casualties. You may be confused with stats as facts.

    The fact is that if you were on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan then YOU WILL BE RETURNING HOME WITH SOME SORT OF BRAIN DAMAGE.

    Get grown playboy and understand that the munitions that we expended in these campaigns have made everyone fucked the fuck up. Hearing loss, rate of concussions, blindness. If you really wanted to do the research you would find that shit out.

    The supposition that article contained was still a conservative estimate to my mind. Anyone on the ground has heard enough explosions to permenantly rattle their noggins. We are going to be facing a health crisis when these soldiers come back stateside.

    Call that conjecture and I would call you a coward because you can’t handle the truth.

  10. kayos says:

    anybody want 2 see my discharge papers??? i can scan my dd214. oh yeah that fact doesnt matter either.

  11. Polotron says:

    I don’t need to see them. The fact that you have them raises more questions for me than they might answer.

    To give an example:
    I understood that your problem with the “article about nothing”, was that it did not stress that most would recover from less serious injuries w/ out treatment…and that this didn’t really warrant discussion, as “only 45-90k have symptoms more severe and have LASTING problems.”

    Got it: Fuck 45-90,000, most are fine after the 2nd bottle of Alleeve.

    You’re a vet???

    You readily assume that no one (read:I) has the capacity to gather that the lesser of these injuries are concussions, headaches and the like. The can’t think for themselves People are being led…

    Got it: You are the smartest

    “It is intellectually dishonest to have a discussion w/o this in it.”

    Is that the only morsel of light that you have to shine on this subject, being a been there, done that vet???

    And glad to see you made it home safely.

  12. InnyVinny says:

    A lot of them commit suicide after they get home, too.

    Scary and sad shit.

  13. kayos says:

    my morsel of light is that this article is a black hole. but thanks… and on 2 sneakers…. dallas we need that SFU tour!!

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