I Blame Shorty Whitebread…


DJ Rayz, you’s a fool for this one…

Tracing the Swine Flu back to its origins we found that our favorite hardbody intern, Shorty Whitebread, sucked some porcine face before we all heard that it was giving fools the clip-clap.

Maybe that is why Shorty is so damn crazy?

9 Responses to “I Blame Shorty Whitebread…”

  1. 40 says:

    Dominant Prominent Islamic Asiatic Black Hebrew With Swine Flu…

    2 for $3 Bacon, Egg, & Cheese biscuits at McDowells – I’m in.

  2. ovid bowsprit says:

    We’re lucky it didn’t come in from Venezuela, where it wouldn’t be just Swine Flu…it’d be Fascist Pig Flu.


    that picture is O.D. kid….. but me i keep it real thats all swine like jello.

  4. DirtyJerz says:

    hey, does pepperoni count as pork? well, count me in, B! Ha!

  5. 1969 says:

    Why are Shorty’s eyes closed all romantic like though?

  6. Dj Rayz says:

    Shorty is killin ’em on the streets…literally!

  7. chief racka says:

    that shit is killing me.

  8. slumdog millionairess says:

    that is too funny…

  9. HowfreshEats says:

    That pic is incredible. Need to frame that for the future Howfresh lil’ Jewish offspring- though they’ll probably be half. I’m all about the pet farms where you befriend your dinner to be. A very wholesome and spiritual experience.

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