In Your Face Like A Can Of Mace…


Are you excited by the young players in Chicago acting like the 2009 Cardiac Kids? I know I am. BEN GORDON is a beast. The Celtics are still going to win the series, but the retarded scoring in this series harkens back to the days when the team led by FAT LEVER and ALEX ENGLISH squared off against the squad hosted by MARK AGUIRE and ROY TARPLEY.

And speaking of Denver versus Dallas? As a kid growing up I was called every American city that began with a ‘D’. I don’t want to pick the Nuggets over my namesake, but I feel like CHAUNCEY BILLUPS has the edge over JASON KIDD.

Atlanta needs to just hurry up and cool off the Heat so that Cleveland can come in and eat their food.

Orlando vs. Boston in Round 2. Who the fuck cares about this shit other than Nerditry?

R.I.P. San Antonio dynasty


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  1. Blackwater says:

    Those Bulls are on some shit right now. Wouldn’t be surprised if all that energy put them over the top in this series. But if they did win, they would be like a dog chasing cars. Once you catch the car, what the fuck are you supposed to do with it? Round 2 would see the Bulls getting swept.

    About your last post though, I almost totally agree with you. I think that music as a whole is owned and controlled by white. In order for black people to ever be financially independent from white, we have to create a whole other outlet.

    But then white would only send out the most popular slave rappers to marginalize that shit and block the dollars. And niggas take the fall every time. All for a green peice of paper. It’s sad really.

  2. nerditry says:

    This is like 6 weeks of Super Bowl for me. There’s never been a better time in my lifetime to be an NBA fan.

    I want the Bulls/Celtics series on dvd by the end of the weekend. I want to lay this series down, push its knees out to the side and do things that would make Chuck Berry blush.

    Fuck everyone that doesn’t like the NBA. That calls it a league of thugs. Of guys who don’t care about anything beyond money. Ray Allen goes out, drops 51 daggers and then puts on a pair of comfortable slacks because he’s a cold motherfucker.

    Fuck the Western Conference. Basketball lives and dies East of the Mississippi.

  3. big rils says:

    ^ Couldn’t agree more. This series has been ridiculous. As a C’s fan knowing that we’d have to be lucky to beat Orlando, and have no shot against the Cavs without KG, this game seven will be like the Finals for me.

    I don’t care that we’re not going anywhere in these playoffs, but I desperately want to beat these young punks (note: other than Brad Miller and Noah, I would be rooting for all of these guys if they weren’t up against my team).

    Western Conference Finals: Nuggets over the Lakers in 7.

  4. J-Mass says:

    Almost every night you get a game, there’s been a bunch of OT thrillers. Ben Gordon is an animal, no question, but it’s hard for me to imagine the Bulls getting past the Celtics if KG was healthy. Baby Shaq has been surprising me too in this series.

    I think this is LeBron’s year to start a streak of maybe 5 championships in a row… but I hope not because that would mean he’d likely not come to the Knicks.

    Nothing better than NBA playoffs.

  5. A truly epic series.

    @DP: Did you see this at Good story about Dave Bing.

  6. VEe says:

    “I think this is LeBron’s year to start a streak of maybe 5 championships in a row… ”

    HA! highly unlikely bro! His last name is James, NOT RUSSELL. The first one alone is difficult and Kobe sees things differently.

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