Touchdown Jesus’ Texas Condo…

cowboy stadium

I’m a Cowboys fan, but their new stadium is a disgusting waste of taxpayer money. I’m surprised that it went down in Texas so easily by allowing the local government to spike the taxes, albeit the taxes on tourism. I thought that the conservative body politic in Texas wasn’t for all this excess taxation? That is the appeal of gaining what I call ‘Stadium Status’. People want to have any association whatsoever with these now billion dollar capital construction clusterfucks.

The new Cowboys Stadium takes the cake in my opinion. At nearly a billion and a half dollars this beast of a building is named after a team that will play at best a dozen games in the building annually. Think about that for a minute. Eight regular season home games. Two preseason games and two playoff games if they’re that good. Is it any wonder that the Yankees and the Cowboys are the two wealthiest sports franchises in America? Here are some of the financial details on Cowboys Stadium…

  • Originally estimated to cost $650 million, the stadium’s current construction cost has been pegged between $1.3 and $1.5 billion, making it one of the most expensive sports venues ever built
  • The City of Arlington provided over $933 million (including interest) in bonds as funding, and Jones covered any cost overruns. The NFL also provided the Cowboys with an additional $150 million, as per their policy for giving teams a certain lump sum of money for stadium financing
  • The average ticket to a Cowboys game costs $159.65, a record for the Fan Cost Index survey, which dates to 1991. The New England Patriots previously had the priciest ticket in pro sports and that cost remained the same at $117.84
  • There is the $150,000 down payment required of season-ticket holders for 30 years of seats — which doesn’t include ticket prices
  • Suites will range from $100,000 to $500,000 per year. That lease will include tickets to Cowboys games, but not third-party events
  • On October 20, 2008, Cowboys owner Jones and New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner announced a joint business venture called Legends Hospitality Management LLC which would operate the concessions and merchandising sales at the new Cowboys stadium and at the new Yankee Stadium, along with the stadiums of the Yankees’ minor league affiliates
  • Former Pizza Hut President Michael Rawlings will run the company from its new headquarters in Newark, New Jersey. The company was also backed by Wall Street investment firm Goldman Sachs and Dallas private equity firm CIC Partners LP
  • According to the Cowboys, the 20-inch pizzas at the new stadium will cost $60. There will be five different types of pizza available for that price.
  • Fortunately, beer will still be sold for only $5
  • Jones’ Cowboys and Steibrenner’s Yankees might be the only people not named CitiBank, JP Morgan, Bank of America, AIG, Lehman Brothers or General Motors who can have their corporate homes subsidized by taxpayers to the tune of over a billion dollars. The socialism in America certainly exists for billionaires. I wonder if the Mexican maintenance workers in the new Cowboys Stadium have health insurance? They prA’li don’t. This is why I’m fuxing with the Jets hardbody this season. At least they have the goods sense to share a building with some other teams.

    cowboy stadium

    9 Responses to “Touchdown Jesus’ Texas Condo…”

    1. nerditry says:

      Lemme tell you something fucked up.

      The stadium was originally intended for an area in Metro Dallas that was a poorer area and would have brought a revitalization and many needed jobs in the building and the operation of the stadium. My understanding is that the local gov’t decided that wasn’t a good enough place and then brought it all the way out to Arlington who already has the Rangers’ stadium.

      Jerry just keeps proving how his investment many years ago gave him a key to the city and their vault.

    2. 1969 says:

      The fact that a stadium cost a billion dollars disgusts me. A BILLION DOLLARS? Ridiculous.

      The new stadium in Philadelphia cost about $400 million. Even if the Cowgirls wanted to one up that stadium….and spent $800 million while giving back $1 million to the community….maybe I could support that.

      Nope, they spent a Billion dollars and probably hired a whole slew of minorities to work for minimum wage to run that building.

      Let’s see: 100,000 in attendance x $159.50 = $15,950,000 just in ticket sales per game. Forget $60 pizzas, parking, merchandise and other concessions. How much money will Jones recoup after just one season? Hmmm…

    3. LM says:

      A $60 pizza? MFers.

    4. Che Guerrilla says:

      Crazy. Man I can’t wait for the new video done @ Citi Field.

    5. Tony Grands says:

      That pizza better have “naked, well-endowed White girls” as a topping choice.

      Amazing, they still allow you to eff up your brain & kill your liver for 5 bux, though.

    6. 1969 says:

      That pizza better have “naked, well-endowed White girls” as a topping choice.

      ^Quote of the Day. LMAO!

    7. jaislayer says:

      Yankees got $40 steaks and the Cowgirls got $60 pizza What The Fux?

    8. BIGNAT says:

      60 bucks if the toppings are not 35 bucks to put back in my pocket fuck that pizza

    9. Polotron says:

      That pizza better have “naked, well-endowed White girls” as a topping choice.

      60 bucks if the toppings are not 35 bucks to put back in my pocket fuck that pizza

      You’re both onto something…it should come w/ at least $30 of “funny $” and the 1st round at said establishment.

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