X-Mas MSG Mac Attack?

she mac

It’s not too late for me to wish a Christmas present present on the Knicks. The Greek Orthodoxy Christmas holiday and the hispanic Three Kings Day are still in front of us. I’m wishing that the Knicks trade diminutive dunk champ N8 Robinson for the Rockets oft-injured, tinman TRACY McGRADY.

I call Tracy the ‘Tinman’ because he has no heart. But he won’t need heart or the other characteristic he sorely lacks, defensive ability, under the current coaches scheme. Whereas McGrady lacks the toughness of an Allen Iverson, he does have a shot range second only to Kobe Bryant.

I know I shitted hard on the idea of Allen Iverson coming to the Garden. Mainly because I didn’t think his leadership was good for the Knicks lockerroom. I am throwing the idea of leadership against the wall now because I feel like the Knicks have a playoff glimmer in the watered down Eastern Conference.

So what if we end up lunchmeat to the Cavs, Celts or Magic? We’re playing out the string this season for 2010 right?


MRI reveals torn labia: The Tracy McGrady story

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11 Responses to “X-Mas MSG Mac Attack?”

  1. nerditry says:

    Shit, with the cold ass weather in NYC, you could paint his frozen self silver and set him out in Times Square to make back some change.

  2. Enigmatik says:

    My imaginary trade scenario:

    Three-way trade between Houston-Toronto-NY
    -Houston gets Chris Bosh
    -Toronto gets David Lee/Nate Robinson/Eddy Curry
    -New York gets She-Mac

    throw in assorted scrubs to make the deal work….Houston just isn’t going to give McGrady away though, believe that. But McGrady in a Knicks’ uniform isn’t too far fetched.

  3. Tony Grands says:

    The Cavs-ugh-made my squad look like the biggest vagines in the NBA right now. That was the worst Xmas gift a true Lakers head could get. Then they go on to barely when in double OT against the Kings-who’s best players are effing rookies. I’m glad the Suns beat that ass last night. Although Artest falling down drunk on xmas didn’t help matters any. Now maybe they’ll ride out the second half of the season like champs, rather than chumps.

    It would be nice in T-Mac could ressurect his inner Vince Carter, & show niggas he’s more than bad knees & a lazy eye.

  4. Slumbilical says:

    ok dallas pennage, i added my comment to the sneaker thread and even dropped a gem in the thread on black terrorists. but for real, the comment section is like a bird. let the bird be free. if you restrict it, all you get is a sad, depraved bird. let the comment section spread its wings and fly all over the place! any topic is game. this is as it should be.

  5. Tony Grands says:


    That was a good drop. Would’ve felt like an idiot leaving my comment 2 years late though, so I’m delivering kudos here.

    *throws candybar out the window*

  6. getthesenets says:

    just remember …………a black man became prez. of the united states Before t-mac advanced past the first round..

    wedding vows should read..”promise to love honor obey UNTIL death or mcgrady gets to the second round( which ever comes first).

    Yo…if you look at the knicks all time roster…it seems as though EVERYBODY has suited up for the knicks at some point…mad non descript players and some decent ballers..

    but just like the red sox had the curse of ruth….Knicks will suffer eternally for the way they got rid of Ewing…


    my username literally means….hey new york…get these Nets…. cause we don’t want these sorry bastards….

    take them off our hands…

    once they announced they were leaving Nj…I give a kcuf about the Nets….

  7. BIGNAT says:

    the problem with the knicks was that for so many years. they were built to win at the rucker and not in the nba. they have good players but zero chemistry the coaches need to take these guys on retreat together or something. some players get paid to much and just need to go. like Eddy Curry and Jared Jeffries these guys and just big lumps of nothing. i am not up on who is injured but i have my suggestions for starting 5
    C- David Lee of course he is the real great white hype
    PF- Al Harrington still a good player
    SF- Wilson Chandler a good young player
    SG- Larry Hughes run that fool till his body breaks down get your dollars worth out of him
    PG- i would say nate but lil homie tired of losing. Chris Duhon will have to do
    right now they are crushing the pistons but the pistons are weak now to. 85-68 but the knicks still might find some way to lose hahaha.

  8. BIGNAT says:

    fuck achy back t-mac

  9. stookiebrother says:

    You cant front Lee. Hes not a bad baller and contributed to every team and game. Robinson f’ed up his own career and Curry is a let down

  10. stookiebrother says:

    gallinarri is the future. we gotta get that kid from kentucky too. john wall right.

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