MightyHealthy: Delancey Street…


Dana Dane – ‘Delancey Street’

MightyHealthy has a nice little sample sale poppin’ off on Orchard Street. Back in the day this was the strip where you copped all your fly gear. Your leather bomber, your Kangol, your suede Pumas. You had better watch your step too because there would be random wolfpacks that were looking for a vic(tim).

If you see someone walking on Delancey Street now with a Kangol and Pumas they could be either a crackhead just home from a 25yr bid or a hipster. Avoid this person regardless. Make a bee-line to the Reed Space Annex at 151 Orchard and hang out with 40 Diesel while you copp some fly gear.


Dumb rappers still need teaching and now they might could learn better with the 3M on the letters.


The Mighty spell out hoody. F.R.E.S.H.


Oh snap! MH got a K-Swiss hoody? The cotton was dope and the zipper pocket was a nice detail. Let me find out MH getting their high design on the low crackin’ off?


MH fitteds are the minimum mandatory chapeaus for those in the know.


MightyHealthy hasn’t forgotten their roots either. I need to copp a deck just because they are so effin’ dope.

There’s more pieces like jeans and jackets at the MH sample sale, but the pop-up shop is only poppin’ off until Sunday so hop the F train to Delancey Street if you’re still a player, or the J/Z if your a hipster.

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  1. DirtyJerz says:

    Delancey & Orchard used to definitely be the wolfpack post up! I remember going to Cohen’s for 4 pairs of Cazals for me & the homies back in Jerz, then looking coming out and seeing dudes looking @ me as the next vic, praying I go downstairs to catch the train back to Penn Sta.! ….Hellz No. at that point, I forgot all about the leather goose down bomber I was supposed to buy up the street… I walked a couple blocks and hailed a cab! money well spent lol

    Son! I missed the boat on the Dumb Rappers Need Teaching tshirt! I need that in my repertoire. If they have that piece on Big Man status, cop that, I’ll paypal you!

  2. 40 says:

    Jerz, we got that in a few 3xl and 4xl. Come thru. Tell ’em I sent ya.

  3. RTHSTN says:

    MH’s attention to detail is what really makes me respect them as a brand. They keep their designs clean and timeless. You could wear that hoody now or ten years from now and still look fresh. Classic shit

  4. Fuck Los Angeles, with all this hipster douche nozzle haberdashery! Just saying.

    Y’all looking real good over there, 40.

  5. Slumbilical says:

    Roc Marciano look like kay slay on slim fast.

  6. Slumbilical says:

    roflessburga (c) la the dark man

  7. Lion XL says:

    Damn Jerz…that was You???? LOL…..probably way after my era of scaramblin…

  8. be fair says:

    how come you don’t say anything about the tori hunter situation. be fair cause if that would have happened the other way you would’ve said something . be fair and stop with the bs. i keep forgetting black people aren’t racist. sorry

  9. the_dallas says:

    Be fair,
    Normally I don’t like to respond to cowardly commenters like yourself but I have a free moment right now even tho’ I doubt that you will return here for your schooling anyhoo.

    You are correct sir. Black people can’t be racists. And just so you are clear 99.9% of white people can’t be racists either. They can all be bigots tho’. To be a racist you have to have control and regulation of the means of processing, manufacturing and distribution. This goes for resources, goods and media messages. Black people own none of that. White doesn’t either. Only a teeny, tiny group has control of these things and they has mastered the art of manufacturing separation. If the world realized their situation was fucked the fuck up despite their skin color the people might act differently. Or prA’li not.

    Torii Hunter’s remarks were similar to Gary Sheffield’s comments from several yearsa ago as to why Black players are diminishing from the ranks of baseball. The infrastructure of pro baseball has moved to developing players from countries where there monies move longer. Developing players in the US costs madd dough so MLB teams would rather invest in the Dominican as opposed to Detroit.

    What Hunter was expressing is that Vlad Guerrero and Jose Reyes may look like a Black to anyone else (not familiar with them) but they are not Black and don’t identify themselves as such. Why is the league trying to call these players Black when that’s not how these dudes see themselves?

    I had this article on my dashboard for a possible drop, but really, who cares?

  10. $yk! says:

    ^ And there you have it.


  11. BIGNAT says:

    be fair you got schooled homie

  12. DirtyJerz says:

    40, I regret I’m nowhere in the vicinity of Reed Space. In fact, It’s easier to find a John Deere tractor here than a skate shop!lol,

    LOLz @Lion XL, back then, it was no easy feat coppin’ fresh wears, but that’s what made it so dope. A dolo shopping excursion could easily have you back on the North Jersey Coast Local with just your sox on, B! I seen it, like a 27″ Zenith!

  13. the_dallas says:

    Believe it.

    Jerz, hit me with the snail mail addy

  14. 40 says:


    We’ll be in Philly next weekend if that helps my dude… Holler at me or Dallas.

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