Truck_North: Here Come The Girls…


My big homey from PhillyTown, Truck_North, sent me this joint.

This is definitely that banger for the Spring Break set, or whoever just likes them girls…

Truck_North – ‘Here Comes The Girls’

Best believe that boy TruckNitty gets it in with them biddies…

5 Responses to “Truck_North: Here Come The Girls…”

  1. RTHSTN says:

    Truck North is official. I first heard him a while back on Rising Down, and thought he was ill. Criminal is easily on of my favorite tracks on that album. Anyone who can lyrically hang with Black Thought & Saigon on a track has some real talent. Didn’t know dude was on twitter. Word to DP

  2. $yk! says:

    Cazals done made the comeback I see.

    * searches ebay *

  3. $yk! says:

    Yo I’m having crazy visions son! © Ghostface

    Who’s around Mike’s on 8 Ave btwn 37/38th???

    A n*gga wanna know if they still got the Britishers! Brown/tan or blue/powder in a 12, them joints are euro cut.

    And I googled Chams de Baron shirts and this blog comes up…

    That Truck_North is cool…(II)

  4. getthesenets says:

    Looks like Truck is in “Sounds of Market”

  5. BIGNAT says:

    i like that hoodie with the bomb on the back. what brand is that? i need that hoody

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