ice cream

I have been on my New Balance grind so serious for the past few months.

Aside from the Air Max 2009 there is no other shoe I’m looking to consume at the moment that isn’t from the New Balance stable. I peeped these 1300’s a few weeks back on the CrookedTongues site and I have been smitten ever since.

Too bad they aren’t making it to the States unless you have heavy cream to drop on them.

That must be why they are giving me the ice cream inspirations?

nb 1300
nb 1300
nb 1300
nb 1300
nb 1300

The only people that rocked New Balance back in the day were professors from Columbia and hustlers from Harlem.

Columbia just received the legal right of eminent domain to increase their land holdings in Harlem. As the poor people get shuffled around for more professors I also imagine the hustlers will return to Harlem to stake their claim as well.

New Balance is poised in this perfect storm for a renaissance. I’m on my way to Atmos 125th.

nb 1300

9 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. DirtyJerz says:

    I definitely fux w/CT on the regular…the UK’s Asics, Adidas and New Bals game is tough!

    You can thank me later(no Drizzy)…but if you sign up @ , they gots a mean come-up on NB’s for today only I just got 4 pairs @ $34.00 & a pair of Pro Keds for the books @ 22.00. Most of giltman’s stuff be on some teh ghey…but every now and then you can catch a come-up

    ….tell ’em I sent ya so I can get that $25!

  2. MzAhmad says:

    I fux with New Balance. Imma have to cop some of those joints!! Seriously!

  3. Ayre says:

    I gotta call you out on that Harlem thing. D.C. was rocking NB’s long before Harlem was, my family is from the BX/Harlem, and my cousin’s used to clown me and brother when went up there wearing them. They called them Z shoes.

  4. the_dallas says:

    I’m talking 1985 when I got my first pair. What year were your cousins clownin’ you. All the cats from Harlem aren’t fresh tho’. Just the dudes that I fux with. Maybe your fam wasn’t that versastyle.

    Also and very importantly, don’t equate the Bronx and Harlem. They are NOT equals.

  5. Ayre says:


    I’m talking the same time as you, those 1300’s up above? I had the kid’s version of those, they were called K130’s. I was 11 in ’85, and the run-ups to 1300’s were 574’s ,575’s, and 996’s etc… I’m not sure how versastyle my cousins were to be honest with you, but I wasn’t trying to equate BX, and Harlem, just letting you know where the fam was rooted.

  6. the_dallas says:

    I’m just calling it how it came to me. NBs costed a grip and back then only Paragon had the joints other than the ‘hood classic 574s. Shits was to Harlem niggas like Le Coq Sportif was to Brooklyn hustlers.

    Ask Sean P and any other nigga what copped shit from Simon’s about Le Coq or Prince. In my teen years I spent my snaps on kicks hardbody. I’m still desperate for Bally to retro the Competition tennis shoe. That was the most official ‘hood fab shoe evar. Only the OG Gucci tennis joints come close.

  7. cocotaso says:

    me no like the 1300’s posted but i fux with new balance HEAVY. that all suede made in england 576 pack is calling my name. and word to dirtyjerz that gilt sale was stupid i came up on the goretex 580 for 50 a piece and them royal 996 for 40

  8. Soundwave says:

    Official! If I was not a present member of poverty class I wouldn’t mind taking a skip across the pond for those 1300’s. Le Coq Sportif… I remember many days trying to talk Dallas out of his pair. Circa 1985.

  9. $yk says:

    You know I’m with you on the New Bal love dP.

    @ coco

    For real the gore-tex’? I have been literally traveling I5 for those to no avail….the site don’t have them in my size.

    LOL @ Soundwave

    But them Le Coq warmups were official yo. I rocked Reeboks with mine.

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