Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself, My Name Is…

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Editor’s note: GrandMaster

Peace dp dot com family

I’ve been sighted on these pages before mainly via the Sneaker Fiends Unite! NYC tours and subsequent kicks write-ups… You all know my Nike game is proper, so don’t even front on the heir apparent to air.

What some of you don’t know though is that I moved to Beijing, China this summer just to take the movement to an international level. I know china has a reputation for fake Jordans and knockoff Gucci bags, but in the end isn’t getting it however you live it so Hip-Hop? Please believe that Beijing doesn’t play when it comes to rocking the official tissue either.

So I’ve been moving and building during the last couple months, hitting the studio to drop mixtape trax and to start developing an album, plus linking with heads all over Beijing. The beautiful thing about Hip-Hop here is that it is still a subversive movement. Too young to be pop, too street to be censored, and too foreign to be mainstream.

gm show

What this translates to is passion for the culture. I’m talking about top emcees who still get up with pieces all around the city, hiphop parties with the top emcees rapping over the top DJ’s spinning while the city’s best bboys get down. It’s a beautiful thing.

Internets, walk with me. As your foreign correspondent I will be staying in the streets with my pen and pad, camera and notebook. As I live, record, perform, and travel daily throughout Beijing, let me put y’all on to what is, for 1.3 billion people, the local Hip-Hop scene.


4 Responses to “Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself, My Name Is…”

  1. Grand Master says:

    Peace all

    If you have any questions/thoughts or anything u want to know about China, the hiphop scene, my music, etc., just holla @ me in here or via facebook. I’ll respond or if there’s anything interesting that comes up I could make it a future video/blog entry.


  2. gstatty says:

    dude should politic with the rza, he could be like a wu-tang consultant, for real tho big up dim sum and that dude that stepped to the tanks in tiananmen square

  3. Teddy C.D. says:

    Good stuff, Chu. From one Chinese hip-hop head to the other, good luck with your music!

  4. DirtyJerz says:

    Chea! Nice wordplay Grand Master!! you gotta do a SFU Bejing joint.

    Word. Is. Bawn.

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