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trapped in the closet

Bury me in these…

TIMBERLAND = Hip-Hop’s G.O.A.T. Sneaker (ReMix)

A while back on XXL, BILLY X. SUNDAY talked about rap music’s best sneaker styles and without question the classic wheat colored Timberland was second only to the Air Jordan. It was after further review I realized that because Jordan brand Nikes have sooooo many different issuances and colorways that the G.O.A.T. Hip-Hop sneaker has to the Timberland boot.

I don’t consider sneakers to be qualified simply as rubber soled athletic shoes. Sneakers are the shoes that Black folks wear to place themselves in a tribe. How many of us wear athletic shoes to do things that are athletic? Or even aerobic for that matter? So how many people wear the classic wheat work boot to actually put in work? Unless of course your job is to wear jeans and stand on a corner.

The classic wheat Timberland is ubiquitous in urban neighborhoods during the winter and is considered by some to be a four season shoe when worn with shorts and a long white t-shirt during the summer. I have a pair in my archive that contain specific instructions to only be placed on feet prior to my burial in the Earth. It’s not like you can get more than four(4) crispy appearances with these shoes on before you get a random scuff or oil mark.

trapped in the closet

My favorite all purpose utility Timberland is the 3/4 field boot. I copped these ‘Chocolate Bars’ at the A.J. Wright in Hempstead for forty cent($40). These shoes are super comfortable and their medium height keeps your feet dry without the excessive leg commitment required from a higher shoe. They are also lighter than the the average work boot because of the airfoam core inside of the soles. The field boot is definitely one of Timberland’s signature styles, but they have hurt their legendary status in recent years by bastardizing the boots for urban consumption.

The appeal of Timberland since my youth has been the fact that these shoes were ridiculously rugged. I still own a pair of the original elephant skin 40 Belows. They were called the Iditarod superboot. Since then I have bought Timberland boots that were made to last. Shouts go out to JEFF and SID SCHWARZ for mailing me a pair of Italian crafted Tims for free. The best element of Timberland had been the design ethos that all you will ever need is one pair. You should recognize them for being environmentally conscious before it was a fad.

trapped in the closet

trapped in the closet

Timberland caught hell a few years ago when one of the founders made the statement that their boots weren’t made for people to wear standing on a corner. The carpetbagger Black leadership rallied around these remarks and called them code for saying that Timberland doesn’t care about Black people (no G DUBBZ). This was a low blow to the company that has already given millions of dollars to charity organizations that fund anti-poverty and anti-illiteracy movements. The truth is that Black people never bought Timberlands in the first place to stand on the corner.

Black folks are savvy consumers, but the so-called Black leadership likes to portray us as perpetual victims. Black people, along with white(gasp), originally bought Timberland boots because these shits are the most well made shoes ever and they were originally made right here in the United States. It pisses me off sometimes when everything related to Black people is either as victims or ne’er do wells, and then some loud mouth jig more than likely wearing a perm starts talking in rhyme about white racism.

I’m the last person here to make an apology for any corporation or person that is part of the plan for supremacy. Timberland just makes great shoes and they stand behind their work, and they gave a fuck about the environment before it was a fashion statement like a yellow fucking ribbon on your lapel. You don’t have to be like me and own fifty pairs of Timberland boots, because all you need to have is one pair, but if you don’t have any… You just might not be Hip-Hop.

trapped in the closet

12 Responses to “The Boot Camp Clique Chronicles…”

  1. cocotaso says:

    details on your burial pair. never seen those.

  2. Grand Master says:

    Co-sign to all the above. I’ve owned one pair of Timbs thus far… and thats all i’ve needed. rocked on the daily for about 3 months each winter since 05 and they still stay getting compliments like they was fresh out the box.

  3. $yk says:

    just took off the high top beef & broccolis…been raining & snowing all day ova here…i’ve been hunting for them canadian cheese boots too…

    Timbs 4 da win…

  4. 40 says:

    Nice drop. I just caught a re-up on the the buckskin classics and a new pair of Beef & Brocs for the colder months & early spring. Unlike the Jiggerman who state he was “Off That”. Tims ain’t going nowhere SC.

    Now lets talk about what the fuck is in that Nike NDESTRUKT box!!!!!

  5. BIGNAT says:

    timbs for the win

  6. Smokey says:

    what i’ve never even seen a person wearing those things unless they were hiking. It may be that im from the west coast or young but all i’ve ever seen people in is Nike’s, Jordans, Chucks, and of course the never out of style Vans. I mean those don’t even look that cool and what purpose do they have to serve besides looking nice.

  7. Fosterakahunter says:

    The Field Boot is hardbody. Still.

  8. Fosterakahunter says:

    …Dude, especially that colour, Holy shit, those are dope. I was trying to pronounce hewn properly the other day. Rhymes with sewn, doesn’t it? I still have my Guide Boots from ’92. Maybe I’ll get ’em re-soled and start rocking again.

  9. ADB says:

    Timberlands = the ultimate, all year round, wear with anything, cannot go wrong shoe.

  10. Just taking a breather out here in Europe. Of course I have my “vacation” pair of field utilities on that I xopped yrs ago for $17 at an outlet. These jawns reserve a title just for holding me down in extreme conditions. From jungles in Indonesia and other pArts of Asia to the Islands of the carribean to now snowy and stormy Europe and possibly North Africa in a few days. I cosign your statement fully my g. Also copped some fresh leather Euro jawns out here in Madrid yezterday. These new jawns are straight multipurpose. Good for a hunting excursion or safari and also classy enuff to sport to a dressy dinner. Shits got me so far in the win column I may not be able to take a loss til 2014. Trust I aint hearing. What nobody gotta say about kicks for a while

  11. the_dallas says:

    Those joints pictured were some special anniversary promotion.

    I dug in the archive to make a special video for you king. Some elephant skin 40 Below historical shit.

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