The ‘LO-End Theory: Double Dosage…


Thirstin’ Howl 3rd drops another anger banger. This time featuring Meyhem Lauren and J-Love on a track off TH3’s ‘Natural Born Skiller’ album.

5 Responses to “The ‘LO-End Theory: Double Dosage…”

  1. hl says:

    The last couple of Thirstin tracks have be fire.

  2. *Eminem voice* Peace to Thirstin Howl!
    I have that Mercers Club ‘Lo too.

  3. Smear says:

    The mailman just dropped off a mint (never unfolded) POLO kingsize bedsheet with the pinstripes and the Bears all over it….shit is heavy-duty, don’t make ’em like that no more. Only cost me $15 too!

    I’m almost tempted to make a shirt and some blinds outta that fucker….I sure as hell aint sleepin on it! So beautiful though, would almost seem sacrilegious.

  4. Smear says:

    This joint is dope btw… Meyhem is really coming through spittin. Big VIC LO is thorough as always

  5. nappanott says:

    i agree hl………..

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