Don’t Believe The Hype…


The mass media stays telling lies to your vision.

Why you think they call it television?


At the end of the day, it’s all POLITRICKS.


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  1. ah huh says:

    yeah Sun …. glad to see that at least you are keep on top of the TRUE nature of the colour revolution in Egypt …. more importantly, who’s behind or aiding and abetting it.
    Your tweets are backed by honest critical thought via seeking the true nature of what and who is behind the “so called” revolution in Egypt. It’s funny how the opportunists in mainstream media have effective quelled all coverage on the real attempt at change in Tunisia that sparked the whole rukus(the media have so easily quashed the running commentary on that one haven’t they).

  2. Brahsef says:


    Or are you just goin conspiracy brother on us?

  3. the_dallas says:

    @AhHuh Even before Tunis we saw that unrest in Athens. The global recession has been chipping away at the prosperity of the wealthy. They are afraid of losing their status even worse than a poor person is concerned about his standing. Keep in mind that the poor person is already poor, while the formerly wealthy are getting their first taste.

    @Brahsef What more proof do you need than the fact that the operations of the Suez Canal haven’t even been halted or slowed. Don’t be afraid to learn that your social status is engineered by people who make it a point to squeeze every drop of juice from the orange before discarding it. It’s not a conspiracy once you embrace it.

  4. who gives a fuccc about these fuckin arabs? us only wants the oil…that´s all camelfuckers…

  5. Brahsef says:


    That isn’t proof, especially since only in the past couple days has the protests turned violent, and they turned violent due to pro-Mubarak supporters. Why would the Suez Canal slow down if the protesters weren’t fuckin shit up? If there’s money to be made, money will be made and it won’t slow, unless its being disrupted.

    And, I’m not saying you’re wrong either, always stay skeptical of the man till you are the man.

    North Africa is def not an area I have much knowledge about, but what began as peaceful protests to form a democratic government is how we should want democracy to spread in the Arab world. I prefer that over having our soldiers going over there, devastating all the infrastructure of the country and then trying to nation build.

    However, I believe the US should accept whoever they elect (if that even happens, and without massive fraud). The last thing we need is another Shah of Iran. We demand nations be free but the people better not elect a leftist or fundamentalist regime.

    Damn, I’m ramblin like a motherfucker

  6. BIGNAT says:

    once anderson cooper caught that beat down it was over. the majority of americans all want to know whats going on in egypt. i say drop the fat man turn that spot into a glass city then i won’t have to hear about the bullshit no more. who the fuck cares about pyramids i don’t

  7. the_dallas says:

    Truthfully, we should have no decision in whomever they select, appoint or anoint as their new leader.

    Maybe they don’t give a fux about a democracy? Maybe the people just want food on the tables and the camels to run on time?

    I can tell you that the wealthy Egyptians don’t want their status to slip down to Moroccan levels. They want a leader who can at least bring their quality of life up to Lebanese standards.

  8. bville says:

    food for thought

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