Still Random…

I’m still on my Random Axe shit if you cared to ask. I love these rappin’ rapper dudes like cooked food, but these Black Milk beats are so cathartic to my ears. This is where the real genius of the Random Axe project surfaces.

Sean Price was the known quantity. You can say the same for Guilty Simpson’s and Black Milk’s rhyming skills too if you followed them like that (I didn’t so I caught that revelation here). But the music is dark and fast, soulful and still futuristic.

If you STILL don’t have a copy of this album leave this website. I don’t want to know you. I don’t want your eyeballs on my page. We aren’t cut from the same cloth. You are USPA and I’m the official cookie patch sweater with the embroidery on the sleeve.

‘Black Ops’

‘Karate Kid’

‘Everybody, Nobody, Somebody’

6 Responses to “Still Random…”

  1. khal says:

    this is my 2011 fall back album. when all else is crap, i know i can call up, nigga, nigga sean p. call up, nigga, nigga guil-ty. great lp.

  2. Lamar Debussy says:


  3. TED says:

    i’m still on ‘album of the year’
    i can’t get enough of those drums

    if d’angelo’s too busy eating in mark ronson’s studio, then bilal needs to do an album with him and his drummer.

    dp – where you calling from?
    stan – ye tudda dot com
    dp – you heard that random axe shit?
    stan – …….huh?

  4. nattiez02 says:

    Truly a dope album

  5. AreaFY says:

    Probably the best album of 2011. Don’t agree, dont bother telling me.

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