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I will admit to being a little disappointed in the truce that 50_CENT and GAME have brokered amongst themselves. I wanted to see some bloodshed, particularly, GAME’s death, since my favorite rock band from Brooklyn was called GAME until that rapper and his big bucks at SONY shut them down. The band is now called GAME REBELLION and I think it’s appropriate since that is what they are doing. They are singlehandedly changing the direction of the rap game, but I digress…

I had it all planned out. I was culling numbers from database websites on how many people were killed during the four days that 50’s latest album sold a reported 1.5 million copies. I was going to compare those numbers to the amount of people killed on the same four days a month prior, then a year prior. It was going to be one of the great new indictments of modern U.S. rap music. Now my weblog piece is ruined by this peace in the rap community.

50_CENT donated $150,000 dollars to the HARLEM BOYS CHOIR which
amounts to approx. one penny from each unit sale of his CD/DVD. If you understand the economics of the music industry then you can appreciate how big each penny really is to the artist’s ‘take home’ monies. After SONY takes 75 percent of the sales from off the top, then INTERSCOPE comes in to smash FIFTY for twenty percent. The remaining 5 percent has to see AFTERMATH, then SHADY RECORDS before FIFTY can feed his family of administrators, lawyers, publicists, stylists and bodyguards.

The real issue that my eyes have been opened to is how modern U.S. rap music directly, and indirectly, feeds the prison industrial complex. We are witnessing a generation of youth that seriously believe that illicit activity can generate a sufficient number of funds to provide a lifestyle on par with a celebrity. It is a theme repeated ad naseum by the rap music and it’s co-defendant, video imagery. A corporate entity like VIACOM which owns MTV and holds shares in Indiana-based, EMMIS BROADCASTING would probably also be invested in the privatization of correctional facilities. Correctional facilities are a burgeoning source of labor(State Property = slavery). I am not sure which corporation owns CONDE NAST publications, but I was told that
they use the Cayuga County Detention Facility(upstate New York) as their customer service center for subscription processing.

At what point will we wait for to assume control of our music and our community?

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  1. Mike says:

    I believe that Game is on top of the rap game right now. Because of the feud between him and 50, he lost out on money on his first three albums. But still he came out the gates swing he went from rapping in his moms basement with Rakim to Eminem, 50, Dre, and basically the whole G-Unit squad. But now hes on his own and Black Wall Street is killin in the streets and he signed MOB- Money Over Bitches. So now its all about G-U Not

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