RANDY MOSS smoked Crack and I don’t care! My masters gone away.

smoke 'em if you got 'em
Hold the phone!? This is the same guy that tried to run over a policeman!? The same guy that walked off the football field DURING a game!? The same guy who temporarily displaced O.J. SIMPSON and MIKE TYSON as the most hated athlete in America, otherwise known as the ‘Jig Boogeyman’ award. Do you know how hard it is to get O.J. out of the #1 spot???

I wouldn’t have been surprised if RANDY MOSS admitted to smokin’ wu’s either because that Negro was actin’ like he channeled FLAVOR FLAV. Now that all of this is behind him and he says that it is past tense why are we being bothered with this story? What sickens me are all
the sports reporters that are having their own fake confessionals of pot usage. These are the same pundits to get all crazy when some baseball player takes steroids. Here’s the rub, both weed and steroids are illegal for regular people like us, but for elite athletes, and teachers, and bus drivers they are like vitamins that help you cope on the daily.

I just wish that teachers and bus drivers could get paid a little more. Or at least have a NIKE sneaker named after them.

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