40yr olds shouldn't dress this way
By now you all must have heard of DAME DASH’s physical and public ouster from the ROC-A-WEAR clothing company’s offices in Midtown Manhattan. It may have seemed peculiar to folks who thought like I did that he was an owner of the brand. Why give up ownership of a profitable and lucrative business even if you and the other partners can’t see eye to eye? Well it turns out that neither DAME DASH, BIGGS or JAY-Z were owners of the clothing line, but only paid representives. Biggup to ace entertainment consultant JOJO McQUEEN from the website for diggin’ thru the trash to find out who really owns ROC-A-WEAR clothing.

And for that matter, who really owns the ARMADALE vodka brand.

Now I know what your thinking to yourself, “Doesn’t DAME DASH get paid regardless? Does it matter who actually owns these companies? ” The answer to both questions is a simple yes. DAME DASH does get paid with a salary like any employee would. I will assume that he was also given holidays off so that he could possibly put on another company’s tee shirts without logos plastered all over his 45 year old frame. But when it was showtime, he was instructed to wear a ROC-A-WEAR sweatsuit, a ROC-A-WEAR cap (tilted to side – jigstyle) and to carry two (2) bottles of ARMADALE vodka wherever he went. One would hope that he was paid handsomely for all of that, but at some point you have to realize that you are just a tool. As opposed to the hand that wields the tool.

JAY-Z seems to have been schooled by some of the best in the business because he deftly maneuvers thru shark filled water without being a shark himself. He makes selective appearances that are almost like product placements and then he moves on. The one thing that he is the most exceptional with is creating rhymes. Many of his rhymes describe an opulent lifestyle achieved thru the consumption of items that more than often depreciate in value. This isn’t the path to building wealth, nor is it the path to achieving true ownership. As an owner you have the option to pay others to be your cheerleaders, your foot soldiers, your billboards, your slaves. As an owner you will decide the direction of your company and ultimately, its destiny.

But now that DAME DASH’s partnership with JAY-Z has dissolved and the ROC-A-FELLA music label has been reconfigured, we are finding out more and more information as to how large corporations market and manipulate Hip-Hop icons. The amount of paper that these icons generate moves so far beyond simple record sales that it almost pales in comparison when you consider all the other goods that these crappers peddle. From sody pop to cellphones, from cognac to Cadillacs, modern day crappers would sell their mother if a company would pay them to. I used to like SNOOP DOGG a lot when I thought that I knew him. Remember the classic title track to the movie ‘Deep Cover’? Right now SNOOP is the pitchman for so many different products I can’t imagine that he even raps anymore. The end result is that his identify is lost to me in the subterfuge of advertisements.

Getting back to the main topic I see that I should have used more logic in my perception of modern day crappers. Isn’t it is hard enough to count out bars of lyrics to make them fit within a four minute window without having to worry about IPO’s and manifest invoices? Like I have said to y’all before, there are NO rappers worth listening to that were good at anything other than crapping. Let the businessmen run the businesses. Let the crappers crap.

As in interesting sidebar to all this ownership talk I want you to try to do the knowledge with this scenario. DAME DASH, BIGGS and JAY-Z form ROC-A-FELLA Records. They sell the label in its entirety to DEF JAM, which is owned by ISLAND Music Group. The parent of ISLAND is the mega corporation UNIVERSAL Entertainment(NBC, movies, everything) but they are distributed by SONY Corp. We all know that distribution is 90 percent of the entertainment game. SONY stands for STANDARD OIL of NEW YORK and is a company founded by the real ROCKEFELLER family.

I just think that its an interesting chain to see that the ROCKEFELLERs really do own ROC-A-FELLA.

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  1. apple halsey says:

    Listen, no one owns anything nowadays. We’re all in debt and over-the-credit-limit, cause even if we pay our bills on time the next generation is f*cked. Dame, Jay-z and Slave-Hop are just a sign o’ the times.

  2. dame says:

    good writing on this shyt.


  3. the_dallas says:

    Dame(no crack), what’s good with your aite?

  4. mike says:

    It’s cool that you go out and dig up dirt and report it but make sure your facts or right

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