Whites Were The Original Niggers…


Instead of trying to stop people from using the word nigger we should be trying to have as many people use the word as possible. That is how you put the word in its proper place. For generations it has been a term of derision for African Americans and no Black people have been courageous enough to study the roots of the word. Not the Alex Haley ‘Roots’ which are powerful for sure, but the etymology roots, the beginnings, the genesis, the O.G. usage. It wasn’t a bad word in the beginning because it described someone’s occupation.

In America we have done such a good job of reconfiguring language that most of us don’t recognize what we are describing when we talk. That’s why your cousin Billy Sunday comes here to XXL Mag Dot Com. I come to bring the light to the dark. Not that Dark, because I don’t think he has the mental capacity to go in too deep. The dark in the figurative obfuscated sense. I imagine that’s why most of you come to these threads in the first place. You want someone to make some semblance of sense out of this fucked the fuck up American pie. Since you came through, let’s go in…

The roots of the word nigger are northern European. The Dutch settlers that came to America to find their fortune were land owners back in their old country. Who else would have the scrilla to contract a ship to bring them across the Atlantic? These wealthy land owners were enticed at the idea of the Americas being a land of gold and riches. In order to build their settlements and their communities over here similar to the establishments they held in Europe they had to bring their entire staff as well.

You don’t think they made their sons and daughters build their houses do you? That back breaking manual labor was the job for their indentured servants. The settlers charged their servants money to come over here. The idea was that the settler would grant their servants a plot of land to live and which to farm just as they did in the Netherlands or whatever they called that shit they came from. What the settlers realized was that there was a shitload of land here in the Americas and to settle all of it, because let’s be honest, when is white ever gonna be happy with just owning half of everything, they would need more laborers.


The Indians were bad laborers. Now when I say Indians I am referring to the ancestors of the dudes that drink too much and own all the fucking casinos. Not the dudes that can’t hold down their liquor and own all the Qwik-E-Marts. Those are hindudes. We’ll get to them in a minute. The Indians were lousy servants because they had this funky attitude like “Why should we work for y’all motherfuckers when we was living here, eating deer, and minding our own business?” The settlers then decided to merc’k the Indians something like how the Red Sox are gonna kick Cleveland’s ass. Except the settlers did that shit more fly than the Red Sox. The settlers handed out blankets filled with smallpox.

Back to the issue at hand… Where would the settlers get more of the laborers and farmers that they need to capitalize on all the open space that the Indians were giving them? The key industry that made the Americas so valuable wasn’t so much precious metals or minerals, but agricultural products. Unlike Europe, which was mostly craggy and cold, the Americas were a fertile, healthy landscape where all types of plants, fruits and vegetables prospered in. You know how much cake you could make in Europe selling agricultural products? Wild amounts. The settlers needed bodies to help them stack that guap, ya’ dig?!? But even better than bodies, the settlers needed specialized farmers.

In the old country farmers were the backbone of the community. You could trust the man that spent his waking hours digging in the dirt or driving the team. The plowman was literally the salt of the Earth. This motherfucker walked behind the team of animals and by the end of the day he was up to his knees in shit and animal piss, because you can’t tell an ox or a mule when or where to shit and piss. They do that shit and it becomes fertilizer for the crops. That’s why the plowman can’t come into the house to eat. Mom dukes ain’t having that fool track animal shit all around the house. The plowman sits out back and gets his meals sent through the kitchen window. In Germany, or Deutschland, or whatever the fuck they called that shit, the plowman was called the negger. That described his job. That’s what the people called him. No big deal either, and keep in mind this is whites calling other whites this shit.

At that point in time the human condition didn’t separate themselves by skin complexion, but by language and respective nationality. The idea of using skintone as a system for separating people was adopted by the Europeans from the hindudes who had a setup that divided their priests from their farmers and manual laborers. The hindudes caste system appeared to the Europeans as social stratification according to skintone since the priests were essentially lighter skinned than the farmers. No big surprise to me though since the farmers were outdoors all of the time. Anyhoo, the Europeans never really bother to ask questions about shit they don’t understand, they shoot first and let God do all the sorting and paperwork. The Europeans needed farmers in the Americas and there were some damn good farmers in Africa, or Nubia, or whatever the fuck they called that shit back then. The Europeans had found their neggers.


At that time the Europeans from the north called dark skinned people Schwarz. That’s the Deutschland word for black. The Europeans struck a deal with the a-rabs from the Mediterraenean region to deliver them some of the best farmers and laborers from the fertile regions inside central Africa, or Nubia, or… You know where the fuck I’m talking about. The a-rabs have been doing this slave ship since the Code of Hammurabi days so that was nothing for them. The a-rabs were slick and they played the Africans against one another. They basically had the Hebrew farmers in the central region stuck up by the gentile Africans. Most of you so-called Black people here in America are actually Jews, but that is a whole ‘nother Sunday school drop.

Check this foxy shit out… White don’t play that shit when it comes to keeping his stacks in order. Why you think he labeled an area of Africa the ivory coast? Or the gold coast? Because that is where he steals that shit from. That dude is so hardbody that he labels the map to tell him where to go to get the natural resource he wants. He labeled a whole region in central Africa NEGGER because that was the shit he was mining from that region. Negger eventually begets Niger just like tomatoe begets tomato. They are the same things no matter how they are spelled now. Shitloads of schwarze neggers are brought to the Americas from Africa.

FYI, Billy X. Sunday Fun Fact: Schwarze Negger = Black Plowman

Back to the lesson… The schwarze naggers aren’t just brought to America for their agricultural skills and their labor. They are brought here under a systemic organized platform of terror. Families are purposely separated. People from the same ‘hood are also divided and deposited in different areas. There was never a system of slavery on this planet that treated the human with such an utter lack of humanity. Being a plowman was never this bad. America’s neggers were the beasts of burden and not the oxen. Let’s face it though. If you are gonna do some shit that is fucked the fuck up you might as well do it like you’re doing it for t.v. Despite all the bullshit these neggers perservered. I call that God’s sense of grace, because there were millions of people that didn’t survive the four months at sea in the cramped hull of a boat while they slept in their shit, piss, vomit and blood. If you ended up in America you were meant to be here.

Fast forward past all that Civil War shit to the time in America when manufacturing and industrialization supplanted agriculture as the steam machine that powered our GDP/GNP. America began to develop a class of people that were not land owners nor farmers. The people that still worked in agriculture typically did not own the lands that they labored upon. There were African Americans that were becoming educated and even land owners themselves. This is when the word nigger becomes a slur. It no longer describes the persons occupation, but in a manner it assigns a caste to the person. To tell someone that no matter how straight their hair is, or how fancy their clothes are they will always be subservient is a statement of social mobility.


The word nigger was used mostly by the transplanted immigrants from Germany and Ireland. They escaped famine and disease in their former homelands only to find that America was not so much the land of wealth as it was the land where you maintained a racial hegemony. If you didn’t maintain this color line you jeopardized your possibility at achieving the ultimate cultural lottery ticket which was to step into the ruling class. This is how supremacy works and it is the obligation of white to keep this shit rocking or else we could have a chink as the president one day. Yeah racism sucks wild balls, but what other choices do we have? I don’t care who your favorite rapper is, racism, and the word nigger is here to stay.

The reason I give you this drop today is to support NaSir Jones and the projected title of his latest album. White created the word nigger and they used to call each other the word too. Most likely as a term of affection I might add. I can see some old European land owner standing on his porch and looking over his land as Johann or Bernhard or whatever the fuck his name was worked in the field. That’s when the land owner would say to his fellow land owner, “Johann is my nigger.” I don’t think it’s right to forbid white from using the word nigger, especially not from forbidding him to call other white nigger either. How else are white going to be able to request the title track from NaS’ new album on the radio? You know white is going to be buying that shit too.

Now that we have agreed on the name for NaS’ new album can we help my nigga select some beats?


14 Responses to “Whites Were The Original Niggers…”

  1. BIGNAT says:

    you brought this joint back i loved this post. i wish you left the comments on it though.

  2. FTW says:

    Dope Post, you’re a smart dude (II), There’s one sentence that stood out to me tho that has me anticipating a respective “sunday school drop” in the near future:

    “Most of you so-called Black people here in America are actually Jews, but that is a whole ‘nother Sunday school drop.”

    I’ve been doing some research on the subject to the point where I registered for theology next semester so I would at least get some credits for the shit, But, starting with Islam and tracing the Abrahamic Religions backwards, the “Black Man’s Religion” may just be Judaism. So if original Jews were essentially swarthy, how in the hell did the Europeans get it? That’s were I am now, these Ashkenazi niggas just started claiming the shit wtf?

  3. Ovid bowsprit says:

    Bravo! Bra the fuck vo!

  4. Mark Dub says:

    Dude…this is one of my all-time favorite posts. Whenever you repost it, I copy the link and email it to all my hoodrat friends. Thanks again homie.

  5. Smear says:

    My Negger!

  6. 6 100 says:

    I think the issue of the countries of Niger(Pronounced Nee-jair) and Nigeria have to be addressed when this comes up

    Niger, the country, is named after the Niger River, the main river of West Africa. The waters of the 2600 mile long Niger River are relativley clear as there is little sediment pick up from the Rocks. It empties into the ocean from a region called the Oil Rivers. But these Oil Rivers got there name hundreds of years ago from the production of Palm Oil(Which has the color of Canola Oil)not petroleum.

    The Niger name (the name that western nations use)comes from the Taureg language “egerew nigerewen” which means the River of Rivers. This became the standard because of Timbuktu(a Taureg city, and major trade center) being situated on the Niger River and Timbuktu being the last stop on the trade caravan for Europeans in ancients times. So Niger’s werent so much a name of a commodity, as much it was a geographic area where the the people of the Niger region came from.

    Now most Berber languages, of which Taureg is a variant, as Spanish,French, Italian, Portuguese are vaients of Latin/Romantic languages “Ger”means river, stream, etc. Ni means “south.” To these desert people Niger means literally South River.

    Ptolemy even wrote about the Ni-ger river.

    It is very possible that during the trade of goods, merchants from distant and disparate lands contacted one another. They have to speak a common language to communicate. In Timbuktu, where chances are they had to speak a Berber language, it is highly likely that black met white. A trader from the South River region would meet a man from the the Medditereanean. They would both ask the origin of the other, and speking the same local language, the Black man would be the Niger man, literally the man from the Southern River. I think the name stuck where the Dark skinned man became synonymous with the color black.

    So niggers are “People of the Niger”

  7. Nile earls says:

    This Is A lie TO The Ancestry of The Kemetic Peoples

    i Wont argue. dallas penn . its okay.

    i live in fort worth. and there shouldnt be any lies spread.

    too many mixtures of your personal opinion with inaccurate factual evidences.

    You Never mention Moorish Sciences. Never Mentioned Kemetic Sciences.
    Let Alone Gave the Mentioning of The Dogons.

    and With This, I wish not to be a Parent chastising, But Building alongside.
    Strong Brotha.


  8. the_dallas says:

    I try not to say this to young people who come here to get they learn on, but you sound stupid kid. I don’t have to go to the Doggones or the Calzones to explain how a simple AND honorable word gets obfuscated in real time.

    The point of this is for you to learn that the being a farmer, a plowman, was honorable all thru out human history until machines replaced human hands and human effort and human intelligence. The farmer is the motherfuxer who feeds us all but only in America was this vocation treated like dirt. Why? Because that was the canvas from which the farmer toiled? Dirt.

    Being a negger wasn’t a problem until it was the only work which Blacks would be known for. Now look at how we treat Mexicans and they not only cultivate our food, but they prepare it most commercial kitchens and deliver it to us as well.

    You have to understand the pejorative connotation that the word developed was based on class or better still a caste distinction. If you can’t grasp that then you won’t be able to make the greater connection as to why the Occupy Wall Street protests are so profound. The Banking Industrial Complex put America’s middle class in a downgraded caste which they won’t ever be able to climb up from.

  9. the_dallas says:

    And at the end of the day its only right since white were the first neggars

  10. Dear World Are 21st Century Black African-Americans now known as, OANN? Original American Negroes, a.k.a./Nigger?not Michelle J.? Why, L Ingraham/Billy O? ja

  11. Black African Americans, {not foreign-Blacks?], Are The 21st Century Black African-Americans, {now known as, OANN?} Original American Negroes, also a.k.a./Nigger? justasking

  12. rache g says:

    Thank you for posting some real knowledge for my young Irish negger whelps to learn about their heritage. May we Nigger Irish never forget our Ghetto roots and the “need not apply” discrimination signs after the Irish were starved out and brought to a new country to fight and die in someone else’s war. May everyone learn this word and use it freely then and then will the yoke of this word be lifted. We all come from negger stock and we are still neggers to this day. Neggers fed a diet of hope. Thanks again

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