El-P’s Rush Over Brooklyn…

El-P is one hard rapping dude and a pretty slick producer to boot.

I fux with him from the homies Das Racist. Now I’m realizing I need to check for him a bit more.

I picked up this track over at Byron Crawford’s website.


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  1. Puff Puss Pastry says:

    El-P is by far my #1 white boy on the mic, although I don’t care for everything he does. Bol was hyping his last full length solo album and wasn’t far wrong tho’ I’m not into ** any ** fucking emo shit except for Curtis, Marvin and Ghost.

    El-P’s group album Company Flow stands up as future shock way harder– if way less pop– than Kanye, who was just jocking Euro dance music. There’s a hot sci-fi/real-life dystopia (also graffiti writing) angle to El-P also. Check this, DP–


    Tho’ I wouldn’t mind hearing “College Dropout”-era hungry Yeezy trade rock a beat like this.

    For somewhat more ‘traditional’ rap, check out the Cannibal Ox “Cold Vein”, produced by El-P. I’m not sure of whole story but who like so many rap dudes, have their window of brilliance and then it closes– O.C. is another example of the previous era.

  2. ^co-sign the Cannibal Ox album. That joint is space rap extraordinaire – except more dystopian and less emo. It is the Citizen Kane to CuDi’s Twilight (no shots).

  3. OpnHds says:

    I’ll Sleep When Your Dead
    Cold Vein (Cannibal Ox)
    Funcrusher Plus

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