Emotional Outfits…

Before I ever met the Outdoorsmen I had a chance to build with the Timeless Truth movement. These brothers brought that glorious fabric of classic NYC back to life. Timeless Truth embodies that Polo/Timberland/NorthFace/Nike/NewEra lifestyle we love so much at this site.

The project that Timeless Truth has been working on since the beginning is cooking up perfectly. Rock-It Science is straight up sautee status and about to be served like a heatrock. The appertif is called ‘Brugal y Presidentes’ and that’s just to let you know they NEVER gonna forget where they come from.

Lastnite’s show at the Highline Ballroom deserves to be credited to Vintage Gear Addicts and the Hip-Hop community they’ve been building for all their life. Timeless Truth is gonna be the piece to complete the puzzle for this Queens rap takeover. Make sure you bookmark their page if you fux with DallasPenndotcom.

3 Responses to “VINTAGE GEAR ADDICTS dot COM…”

  1. illill says:

    representin right there

  2. Jermin8 says:

    Love these cats. Their dropping a project, FINALLY. NY renaissance in 2012.

  3. diskdarian says:

    vga killertape$ keep up the good work my gs

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