Health Is Wealth…

A few months back I was asked to try this product called OXYwater after their rep had watched my rants against 7-11. He told me that the product was a sports drink like nothing on the market because it didn’t have all the shiite that most sports drinks put into their formula.

Firstly, there was no sugar put into this drink. Not one stinking gram. There isn’t any sucralose or any of those carcinogenic fake sweeteners either. I h8 the taste of that shit. Next, there isn’t any caffeine to spike your metabolism. No carbs. No caffeine and no calories.

I know what your thinking too. This product must taste like shiite. Nope. It’s actually refreshing and clean. I’ll attribute that to the fact it has added oxygen. I’m thinking this beverage is like a hyperbaric chamber inside of a 20 oz. bottle. Because, who has the money to pay for a hyperbaric chamber in their crib.

OXYwater is for the rest of us. The regular people who live in America and prA’li need to have less sugar, high fructose corn syrup, sucralose, caffeine and calories in their diets. People just like me. I jumped at the opportunity to try this product as part of a tweak to my lifestyle.

I’m not gonna lie and tell you that I’m completely off Ghetto Big Macs, but I’m off soda and Slurpees and I’m also ex-ing Snapple from lifestyle as well. I’ll keep a running video series going of my progress with this amended diet just like you see all the Timberland and sneakers I love to talk about.

I’m trying something new for this next spin around the sun.

I’m trying OXYwater.

So should you.

4 Responses to “Health Is Wealth…”

  1. BIGNAT says:

    well i have not seen it but when i do i will try it out

  2. pmac says:

    if its like oxycotin im in

  3. pmac says:

    this shit will probaly give you cancer 5 yrs down the road, water flushes ya kidneys witch helps diabetics i stick to that d.

  4. the_dallas says:

    pmac, I don’t think you read this post well enough. go back and try it again

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