Make Sanford Police Taste The Rainbow…

If you believe in social and civil justice but you are cheap and not too motivated to really go out and march or do some other shit try this…

Put a package of Skittles in an envelope and mail them to:

Chief Bill Lee
Sanford Police Station
815 West 13th Street
Sanford, FL 32771

Make sure you leave your return address with a note that these candies are for justice for Trayvon Martin.

7 Responses to “Make Sanford Police Taste The Rainbow…”

  1. Wardell Franklin says:

    Thank you staying on this, DP. Too bad Sanford police chief has the same name as Spike’s estimable bass playing father.

    While the decision to prosecute George Zimmermann will be up to the County or U.S. Attorney, I believe Lee and Sanford Police Department ** ARE ** liable because recent stories show that Zimmermann was an aggressive loose cannon and wannabe cop buff.

    Chief Lee didn’t had the power to take away Zimmerman’s legally acquired gun but surely the REAL police had supervisory power over these “neighborhood watch” yokels– Zimmermann especially with his repeated calls to 911 about this/that ‘suspicious character.’

    This just in from Orlando btw–

  2. Lexie says:

    My skittles are going in the mail today!

  3. Supreme says:


  4. LEX says:

    I signed a couple of petitions and think I may do this as well.. they were asking that folks wear a hoodie tomorrow and post pics on the net referring to it as the million hoodie march for justice for this young mans death. Its supposed to be like 80 out here but the morning should be comfortable for it.

  5. Trife says:

    *mails skittles*

  6. Trife says:

    *mails skittles*

  7. boi-dan says:

    LOL, I’m late, but this is why I fux with you Dallas.

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